My favourite things

I love the simple things in life like sitting by the window in a warm patch of sunlight, the smell of outside after rain, reading the last sentence of an incredibly good book, books I can’t put down, the smell of new/old books, earning A’s on an exam that took relentless hours of studying, Spending time with God, bible journaling, playing the piano, making people smile, feeling loved, saying what I feel, songs that I can relate to. I’m obsessed with Lipton Berry iced-tea right now!(and I have one every day) I’m a sucker for cozy loungewear (sweats!) Topknots and intoxicating candles (vanilla scented) I love nude/ blush coloured shoes(Its clearly a problem) I’m a girlie girl (Flowers, Poetry, chocolates)heavenly. I’m kind of all or nothing with make-up -(my goal = beautiful skin) so make-up is optional.