I’m a homebody with a contrasting longing to be seeing, doing and going! My heart cherishes small and daily graces, like raindrops on the window, birds landing on tree branches and sunlight streaming through leaves. I am in awe of flowers. Not because of their colours, but because even though they have dirt in their roots they still grow. They still bloom. I firmly believe in the Grace of God, bible journaling, traveling mercies, singing along to big band hits and the magic of ordinary things (like a fresh cup of tea and every breakfast food possible).

Yes, I wear many hats throughout my day and I wouldn’t change a single thing. My mo is to make the everyday ordinary extraordinary. In fact, I tend to gladly add the exciting things that come my way. I believe in the power of imperfection to propel me forward which is why I love to express what is unseen or unsaid through creating. I love quotes that remind me of the power of words. I guess writing for me is my way of touching heaven that my heart longs for. A way where I can turn my experiences into stories that glorify Jesus. It’s the best way to tell stories. Truly!

I’m a sneakers-somewhere-close-to-the-beauty-aisle-kinda-girl, born with a passion for makeup, lettering and all things aesthetically pleasing. I have rewatched FRIENDS more times than I have counted. The Myers-Briggs personality test is my love language (INTJ heyyy). I believe dancing should be in the LAW BOOK, or at least as a strong suggestion. I am low-key obsessed with vanilla lattes (there’s a LATTE to love). And it’s clearly a problem! OH and I LOVE dogs😍 (Every dog is a puppy, and I will argue that to anyone that listens)