A warm welcome to my little space here…
Hi, My name is Junaisha (June) and I’m a 21 Year Old Law Student. This blog is an attempt to chronicle my extraordinary adventures of self-realization. It is here that I create and self-express myself as a multi-passionate individual with deep interests. My hope is that whenever you visit my blog you will feel at home.
The one thing I suppose that sparks my love for writing and inspiring others, is what it ultimately seeks to do, that is, make life more valuable. I have amassed enormous amounts of information through my love of reading, that I am happy to share
My love for the Lord and knowledge of the word uniquely equips me to help other young adults, like myself, discover the pathway to God’s promises. I am living out of the abundance of Jesus’ unending grace and mercy.
Welcome to my visual diary!
Actually, scratch that😉…..JOIN me on my beautiful, not-so-perfect Adventure that’s called LIFE. Enjoy!!!
Blessings and Love…😊🙏❤