You gotta love a good book that tug at your heartstrings in the most profound way, pulls you out of the “real world” for a bit, literally speaking to the depths of your soul and seemingly being inside your head too. This book does all that and more. Thank you Valerie Cullers. You have my ❀. God bless you.πŸ’•

My beautiful GUEST BLOGGER: Valerie Cullers

BIO: Valerie Cullers is a writer, speaker and author living near Boise, Idaho U.S.A. She serves as a Regional Speaker Trainer for the ministry she works with. She is the author of the Bible study, β€œPsalm One for Women on the Run” and the historical novella, β€œThe Unwelcome Stranger.” She is currently working on the forthcoming sequel. She blogs about Navigating the World from a Christian Perspective at She invites you to stop by for a read!

SYNOPSIS: Early in the Fourth Century A.D., it is a perilous time to be a Christian. Things are about to change as Constantine, the Caesar from the north, has invaded Italia and is about to march on Rome. Livia Arvum, a young grieving widow, is unaware of how these events will soon touch her life. Lucius Marius, a Senatorial Legate, is racing towards Rome with news of Constantine’s plans when he is knocked off his chariot because of the Arvum’s sheep. Recuperating in their home, he becomes infatuated with Livia and decides she is the recompense he wants for the injuries he has sustained.

Will Livia have to betray her beliefs and morals in order to protect her family? Is there any way out of the situation? Will she ever find love again? Come join Livia on her journey as she leaves her home and finds God’s unexpected provision for her.

Valerie Cullers has a way of writing, I absolutely love her writing style. Can’t wait to read more of your books. Please Friends, Get Your Copy Today at Amazon or Lighthouse Publishing – Available in Print or Ebook

Blessings and Love. . . 😊 πŸ™ ❀


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