I open my mouth and inhale the word of God because I crave the revelation of your commands – Psalm 199:131


BIO: LANG CHARTERS is from the green paradise of Washington State. He loves to walk and hike in the beauty of the outdoors. A near fatal hiking accident, led to his early medical retirement from his beloved Air Force. His life purpose: Awaken, Open to, and Be LOVE together! The free, infinite, and unending love of Christ has transformed his life in the most amazing way possible. He hopes to encourage others and wholeheartedly believes that we are called to shine brightly in this world – A gift he does best as a yoga teacher and writer. His memoir about his accident is tentatively titled Falling Into Love: The Transformative Power of Community is about to be launched. Be sure to order a copy for yourself. Lang blogs at
Breathing God

“Our Father in the heavens hallowed be your name.” – Matthew 6.9 Beloved ones, what struggles face you? I tell yoga students greater peace and wholeness is never further than a breath away, because the Spirit dwells in the air around us. My wife and I are babysitting three of her son’s grandkids while he and his wife are on vacation. While I was alone watching him, their 11-month-old had a complete meltdown. As he continued to screech, nothing I did would comfort him, and I could feel my levels of anxiety and frustration skyrocketing.

So, I paused, placed my hand on his heart as I held him, and took a few slow, deep, mindful inhales of Divine harmony as I reminded him, “Everything is okay.” While this didn’t make everything ALL better, it left us both WAY calmer. In Hebrew and Greek, the Bible’s original languages, the words for Spirit and breath are the same, because ancient Jews and Christians recognized God is SO constantly with and near us, we can commune with the Divine and receive heavenly blessings with a few mindful breaths.

In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus literally says, “Our Father in the heavens”, declaring the Source of life and Love is not only in an otherworldly place, but also in both the stars above and the air we breathe. So, today I invite us to live and breathe with the awareness that Love is all around us! “Father of us who [is] in the heavens hallowed be the name of You.” – Matthew 6.9

Thank you Lang for sharing your heart. Friends, nobody wants to live a life with raspy lungs gasping for air – The secret is to come to the Lord, to breathe HIM in, and to call on HIM from deep within, then breathe in this BREATH OF LIFE of the Lord, and surely your spiritual life will be healthy. Amen and God bless! 🙏💕

Blessings and Love … 😊🙏❤️