Church Christmas Potluck Recipes and the importance of church community (to share those meals with):
My beautiful featured Guest Blogger for today is Ola Farag:

OLA FARAG: I was fortunate enough to spend this weekend at an Alpha retreat with my Church where I got to go a little deeper into my faith, which is something I’ve been struggling to have enough of, despite being “a Christian” and a “good person”. Because of certain life struggles I fell out of church and though I made some attempts to go I just didn’t feel a sense of community, until I started going to this church group.

When I first was invited by someone to Alpha, I said I’d feel bad to eat the church’s food (I try to usually bring food for another church group at someone’s home of course), but the leader told me that its more important to come, and that Alpha wouldn’t be Alpha without food and community, because Jesus taught over food, breaking bread with others and engaging in healthy social behavior and community, which God understood we all need.

So through Alpha I too had a chance to break bread with fellow Christians while engaging in some deeper conversations that I don’t normally get to, and to create new meaningful bonds. Everyone in my groups has been so unconditionally caring and I’m blessed for my new friends and community, as church is not solely a building with sermons, but the community that’s the body of Christ.

I have a long journey ahead, but I just want to leave off with my simple offering of church potluck recipes that you can share with your church community and friends, as you bond, especially over the holidays. Most of my recipes allergen free and inclusive.

Are you already in a Christmas mood? You need to bookmark these recipes for Christmas.

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Thank you Ola Farag for your beautiful truly showstopping, pick-your-jaw-off-the-floor christmas potluck recipes. For real, these easy festive recipes are the perfect way to use up bits and bobs lurking on your pantry and are just perfect for entertaining christmas guests. For More Christmas recipes be sure to check out :

Blessings and Love.😊🙏 ❤