What are you facing this morning? Did you wake up with what seems like the weight of the world on your shoulders. Feeling so empty and behind in life. If so, I want to remind you with these simple words, It’s going be ok!


Bio: LANG CHARTERS is from the green paradise of Washington State. He loves to walk and hike in the beauty of the outdoors. A near fatal hiking accident, led to his early medical retirement from his beloved Air Force. His life purpose: Awaken, Open to, and Be LOVE together! The free, infinite, and unending love of Christ has transformed his life in the most amazing way possible. He hopes to encourage others and wholeheartedly believes that we are called to shine brightly in this world – A gift he does best as a yoga teacher and writer. His memoir about his accident is tentatively titled Falling Into Love: The Transformative Power of Community is about to be launched. Be sure to order a copy for yourself. Lang blogs at

Langs story: The older I get, the more fascinated by Jesus’ invitation to “repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand” excites me. Why? Because “repent”, in the New Testament’s original Greek, means to change one’s mind, or have a new perspective, and for many years my Christianity was ONLY future-oriented. It was all about NOT messing up during the brokenness of now, so that I could enjoy bliss after I died. Ironically, focusing on the future and downplaying the present left me anxious, fearful, and addicted to sin.

Salvation, for me, came when I repented by changing my mind from thinking heaven will be only “later”, to realizing paradise is also now! Generally speaking, when we live in the past we dwell in a world of regrets and hurts, while dwelling in the future brings us into a land of worries and fears. The present, is where we meet and experience God, and are able to taste the big bliss of heaven now!

I believe this is what Jesus is getting at in Matthew 6:25-34 when he encourages us to be like the birds and the lilies, free from worries to fly and blossom! When we set our minds on striving and acquiring (6:32), we live in a hell of our own making. Yet, when we shift our perspectives to the bliss of here and now, in God’s goodness, life gets amazing! Meditation and contemplation are powerful practices because they allow us to bathe in Divine delight. I find that a few slow, deep breaths, where I consciously breathe in helps in the best possible way…

Sweet Friends, I hope you enjoyed Langs post as much as I did.😊 Feel free to leave some love and to ask him questions on his upcoming book titled: Falling Into Love: The Transformative Power of Community. I’m sure Lang would love to here from you. God bless you abundantly!

Blessings and Love.😊