I am a well-known and thoroughly-documented introvert. It takes me forever to make friends, and up until last year, I could count the number of friends I knew well on zero-fingers. But, I’m almost up to needing two hands for my hyper-local crew now, so it seems I may have turned a corner! Let’s file this post under “I can do it, anyone can do it”😊

Can I share something with you: Today, one of my friends told me she is planning a “celebration of life” on the anniversary of her suicide attempt. And she wanted to invite ALL those who have made an impact in her life, including me. It almost made me cry because it’s moments like these that I cherish, it’s moments like these that I am reminded of the impact I can make in someone’s life.

I know many of us think about those who we have lost and wonder if there was something you could have done differently, if something you could of said that might have made a difference.

What I learnt about suicide is that we must give what we can in the moments with no regrets because it just might make a difference. Tell someone how much they mean to you. Share that you are worried about them. Let them know that you have noticed some changes in their behaviour. Say that you want to help but you are not sure how. Sit with them even if you say nothing at all, Let them know you are busy but want to make time with them once you are free. Offer to go on an appointment with them. Say you are proud of them for getting through the day even though it’s obvious they are struggling and in pain.

Lastly, Hold hands and PRAY for them. Praying for your friends is so important because sometimes they fight battles they will never speak to you about. Make sure they are covered. Again, Suicide Prevention Day should be every day because each day is an opportunity to let someone know(and feel) like they matter! Feel free to comment or encourage each other. Your story can save a life. #youmatter. God bless you.πŸ’•

Blessings and Love.😊



      1. You bet! This spoke to my heart. I am a Crisis Clinic volunteer and more and more half of my shifts are filled with dear folks who want to end their life. Most don’t want to burden friends and family with their thoughts since they don’t necessarily know how close the person is to doing it. Fortunately, many are de-escalated and given hope and resources so they can make it through. Good, caring, supportive friends like you are truly lifesavers!

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  1. This is so very wonderful, Junaisha. LOVING that Your friend is holding a celebration of life. That’s absolutely AMAZING! What sweet perspective and how sweet of her to Love herself enough to celebrate her survival rather than berate herself for ever attempting. Cheers and a huge hug to her!!!I’m so happy You are making friends and are having a fun time doing it! Yay!!!! You rock and remain an Angel Lady! God Bless You and All Your Friends!!! πŸ€—πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜Šβ€οΈβœ¨

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  2. I’ll never forget the day the Still Small Voice told me to call a girl that hadn’t been coming to the youth group in a while. I didn’t want to be a nag, but thought, “Maybe I’ll call her tomorrow…” Still Small Voice said, “CALL HER NOW.” So I called and just said “Um … I know you’ve been busy, and I understand. I just wanted to … let you know that we’ve missed you.”
    After an awkward silence, she said “thanks,” and we hung up. I thought, “Well, that was dumb…”
    I later found out she had been alone in the house for the evening and was sitting on the side of the bed with a glass of water and a bottle of pills in her hand, getting ready to take them all. After I called, she put them away and did her homework.

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  3. Hi GCD,

    Amen and it’s the real life meeting the specter of Death head on. In Christ,


    On Tue, Sep 10, 2019 at 10:55 PM The Godly Chic Diaries wrote:

    > The Godly Chic Diaries posted: “I am a well-known and > thoroughly-documented introvert. It takes me forever to make friends, and > up until last year, I could count the number of friends I knew well on > zero-fingers. But, I’m almost up to needing two hands for my hyper-local > crew now, so it” >

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  4. A wonderful piece reminding us how important a persons life is . Losing someone you love is never easy and it makes you loathe the very existence of yourself but just appreciating someone positively can really make a difference in a persons life. LOVED this piece of writing . In Jesus name thank you june

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  5. I had an uncle once who tried to take his life but we, his family intervened and it didn’t happen. We never really knew what brought it on, but thankfully, he changed his mind. I’m glad because he was my favorite uncle and it would have been really hard to have lost him that way. My son told me once that he stayed up all night one time talking to a teenager who was going to commit suicide. He’s not sure what he said that changed the boys heart, but gratefully something did. Suicide is a very important issue and sometimes all it takes is a listening ear, a few kind words and often, a prayer. Their problems are real; they just need someone who will listen. Thank you for your blog. I really appreciate it.

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  6. Wow. This post really means a lot to me. We just attended a memorial for my husband’s best friend’s dad who committed suicide. We lost a 13-year-old cousin last year to suicide, and my best friend was murdered by her boyfriend, who then killed himself. Honestly, if I could remember the exact day I tried to kill myself, I would do that celebration of life thing πŸ™‚ Any of them, really. But, praise God, I stay busy thanking Him for each day. I honestly do pay quite a bit of attention to that beating heart of mine ❀ because I spent far too much time considering ways to stop it. And I repent for that daily!! Thank you for sharing this. And congrats on becoming a rehabilitated introvert!! I'm still working on that part πŸ™‚

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  7. Great post! Yes, God gives each of us life for a reason. He loves us and wants to see us live for Him! I find that I often forget to pray for people who are struggling with things like this, but it is an active part of our society, and we can not forget. Having a listening ear and kind word can make a huge difference, as well as a praying heart. Thank you for sharing!
    ❀ Abi Lyn

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  8. Being at a place where I wanted to end my life but God saved me, I know how that situation feels. What you have written is so true- we need to pray and be there for our friends. Especially because at that point it becomes really hard to pray. And also Thank You for the encouragement – I am an introvert seeking to make friends – If you did it I can do too. God Bless You

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  9. Very inspirational. Thank you for sharing. Writers feel things deeply and poignantly. We take our words into our hearts so that our verses, blogs, and books become a part of our very souls. Writing is release and succor to the sensitive nature of our creativity. As always, we must learn to survive with the good and the bad of our words-on-the-page. They heal and reveal, and sometimes steal the breath from our bodies. Cherish your uniqueness, my fellow wordsmiths; DO NOT PERISH! bowmanauthor/bowmaneditor

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