Those who seek the LORD lack no good thing – Psalm 34:10

It’s easy to get catastrophically pulled under by the general cynism and expectations around us. Yet, when pay attention to the nuances of the world I can detect a sense of rightness, the way things were meant to be, a pattern of redemption for the open, the seeking….

So it’s only natural that when we experience a change in our life (like no longer being in university, or speaking to friends you’ve grown accustomed to), to flounder a bit. We expect ourselves to find whatever it is we are looking for, right away. We want to fast-track our way to comfort and okay-ness. Sometimes society screams to figure it all out. (where to go and who to be) can be deafening…

David was more than a nice theory. Because he had drawn near to the LORD as His good shepherd, he lacked nothing -Psalm 23. And he was so confident of God’s ongoing favor in his life that he proclaimed, ” Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.”

David experienced this same kind of favor when the Prophet Samuel was seeking God’s direction on who Israel’s next king should be.(1 Samuel 16) Samuel knew the king was to be chosen amongst the sons of Jesse, and so the sons were paraded before the Prophet to see which one was the Lord’s choice. Samuel must have been puzzled when NONE of the seven oldest sons met with God’s approval, so he told Jesse: “The Lord has not chosen these….Are these all the sons you have?” (vs 10.11) Apparently, no one had thought to invite David to this important gathering. He was the youngest son, and he was tending his father’s sheep.

You see, when you open your heart to Gods wisdom, everything else in your life is impacted. His grace is available and sufficient for you; even when you pass through the water and walk through the fire; He’s with you. Your victory and your breakthrough is closer than you know it. Keep trusting! Amen! God bless.πŸ’•

Love and Blessings….πŸ˜ŠπŸ™β€

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  1. It is a testament that you are leaning on the stability of God’s Word for your hope. It seems that we move from “I’ve got this!” to “I’m not sure of anything anymore!” rather frequently; there’s always a new challenge ahead. And yet, what an encouraging reminder you have given us that Christ leads us on from our weakness to His strength each time for His glory. “The best is yet ahead!” Yes! πŸ˜€ PS I’ve been enjoying your lovely website.

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  2. This is so inspiring thanks for sharing . most people tend to give up when things goes bad for them . they feel like God is not there anymore . this post made me remember Jesus , even in hardship,pains , fighting got his life God was still there for him . God never left his side until death and then he resurrected again . God never leaves us ,he’s always there at every step of the way . amen

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  3. Sometimes people think that life is passing them by, but you are right when you remind us that God says, β€œThe Best is Yet to Come!” This is for now, and for Eternal Life.

    Thank you for your beautiful posts. β™₯️

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