God put dreams in us – But what we can picture is only a mirror image of what He actually has in store for us…

Confession time:πŸ™ŠYou guys, I struggle with dreaming, like all-aboard-the-struggle-bus type of struggle. I like to keep my feet on the ground( probably a little dug-in, just for extra measure.😊)I like to have a plan and just not any plan, a realistic and practical plan. But lately I’ve been realising the importance of dreaming because God uses the dreams He puts into His people to reveal Himself to the world.

I’m the one with the notebook full of business plans, kickstarts, visions for non-profit causes and ways to make this world better -πŸ’₯- Whenever I land on the dream spectrum – I KNOW THAT GOD IS DREAMING FAR MORE FOR ME. It might simply be a mirrored reflection of what He actually has planned for me. But rest assured, if I’m breathing dreams like air, they aren’t too much – And to dreamers (like me) when you are asking for big impossible (and probably impractical dreamsπŸ˜‰) He’s got them too….

Joseph brothers heard his dream and they sought to stop it. Like them many don’t realise that when God places His hands on someone, then nothing can stop what He wants to do through him/her. The brothers plotted against Joseph, threw him in an empty well and eventually sold him into slavery. They put animal blood on his robe to make it seem like he had been killed by wild animals.

Even in the pit, Joseph grasped God’s vision until it came to pass. What they failed to realise was that favor was not found in his clothing or his position. But Favor comes from God, and He gives it out to whom He chooses. Genesis: 39: 2-4 reminds us that, “The lord was with Joseph, and he became a successful man, and he was in the house of his Egyptian master. His master saw that the LORD was with him, and the LORD caused all that he did to succeed in his hands.”

However, can I just say, from my heart, that I pray daily over the desires of my heart. There is peace that comes from knowing that God’s knowledge is limitless, perfect and complete. He sees my future — He reveals the deep and hidden things that I do not see or know. And God is no stranger to my inner most thoughts. He loves me and wants to hear from me and that gives me HOPE. And this girl right here loves her some hope!!! Amen! God bless.πŸ’•

Blessings and Love….😊

236 thoughts on “HOLD ON TO YOUR DREAMS!

  1. I dream and live my dreams but tell you what, to dream and to live your dreams hasn’t been easy for me.
    Eons and scared memories echo all my failures from home to school to work to courting etc.
    I would say, everything I am and all I desire to be… I leave in the hands of God.
    God has a dream for each one of us and until the plan manifests in you living your dreams: DO NOT GIVE UP.

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