To serve God and to serve others sacrificially is best done when we have a heart and mind overflowing with thankfulness….

In order for us to understand a true and pure heart of serving and giving, one must look no further than the cross. You see the greatest example of a serving heart that the world will ever know was done from a heart of sacrifice.

What is life without gratitude and giving? I’ve been feeling all kinds of grateful lately — it reminds me of how lucky I am, we are. This life is so so precious.

And it’s a reminder, that this 2019, my goal is to focus on giving back more —To children education efforts because education is the greatest equalizer in this world. To youth from disadvantaged/underpriveledged backgrounds — because sometimes they need the greatest mentorship and guidance.

And although these might look like lofty goals – they come from the heart. I’m not an influencer, or a Public figure or a pretty person — just here showing you my imperfect, messy, optimistic corner of my world.

And I want to bring you along the journey in 2019. Lets commit to helping others. Will you help me help them. There is truly no other experience like this. I can promise you that!πŸ˜ŠπŸ™β€

If you feel a tug in your heart —or if this message speaks to you —will you help donate a small amount. Your help is greatly apreciated!!! Please click on the link provided below and follow us Thank you for giving me wings. God bless your heart!

Blessings and love…😊



  1. Hi, it’s been a long time since I’ve been here. Hope you are doing well. I’m currently under the process of revamping my blog and I plan (hopefully) to talk about why I’ve not been able to be around as much. Just need a little support. It’ll be great if you can remember me in your prayers. Life’s a struggle and somehow it has managed to slow me down. Trying to get back on the horse. Hope it’s not much to ask.

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