For someone reading this, something has been pending. You’ve been waiting on a YES. You’re about to get it. God has blown the door wide open in your favor…

I believe that every promise God has given me is for ME, and I trust Him with every fibre of my being. How about you?

There are doors that will specifically open just for you. But will you be ready! Will you be courageous enough to walk through them, Will you believe that you were created for this?

Oftentimes we blame others for our lack of opportunity, but most times we hinder ourselves. We let self-doubt, fear and uncertainty guide us. NO MORE!!! Let’s choose to live a life walking in faith. Believing in ourselves and believing more in the God that created us.

So don’t sit on the sidelines watching others step out in faith, thinking that it is not for you. Step out, be bold, believe bigger, trust like never before, and walk through the door that will be blown wide open for you. It’s not just for someone else, it’s for YOU, too!

Your life is a story to write — live it well! God bless!




      1. Hello, I nominated you for The Sunshine Blogger Award- I hope you dont mind -if You go to my last post you will see your name and link to your site – Happy Sunday and Have a Great Week-

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  1. Amen! Amen! OMG! God brought me to your post this morning! He was talking to me through your post! Step out on faith.. this is so amazing! Thank you for this wonderful blog I’m going to bookmark this blog to always come back to read. You be blessed today Godly Chick!

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  2. Amen! I receive it in the Name of Jesus! Hallelujah! Jesus says, β€œI stand at the door and knock.” Well God isn’t knocking, He’s going to tear it down with the overflow of breakthrough. Hallelujah! You be well my friend, for God is about to bring a new thing into all of our lives. Amen!

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