Let today be the day you stand on rooftops of your worries and know that by grace, through faith, there is freedom to be fearless, even though tomorrow is unknown…

“Should I quit” Maybe you’ve been feeling like you can’t do it all or there’s something that feels impossible to fix or accomplish in your life. Know this: you don’t have to make it all happen. Take one step forward in faith and let Him do the rest. Where you can’t God already has….

Even on our worst days, even when your eyes swell with sorrow, even when you are confused, even when you are overwhemed, even when you can’t go on —we still serve the GREATEST God…IT IS WELL, the choice to tightly grip Gods unchanging hand, is the only hope our heart can cling to.

Like the shunammite women, saddle up your sadness and go find your healer. (2Kings 4:8) “ALL IS well” Declare his victory. God is holding your hand and guiding you to be where he wants you to be. His heart is for you. And when you understand Gods heart, suddenly surrender isn’t so terryfying. And with the greatest act of surrender, you have a place in his arms, at no cost. He has greater for YOU! Believe it!

He is a God of overwhelming, all encompassing peace, even in confusion. Amen! God bless.πŸ’•

Blessings and Love…😊

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