Are you feeling this? The turn into November can make our brains fast-forward through the holidays. Holiday anxiety is real. Exam stress is real. ANY KIND OF STRESS IS REAL. It can make you feel like it’s too late to make progress on some of our goals —The year is pretty much over, right? The truth is — this year isn’t over YET!

I say DO it! Start somewhere. Embrace your fears and know that we all doubt ourselves at one point or another. If you want to start a blog, write a book or start a business — don’t let your fear stop you. Of course there will be people who are critical, but I truly feel like you should follow your heart. Do your diligence, know what you are getting into, but then follow your heart. Sometimes we just have to get out of our own heads and take action. Think about it! If you did one small thing each day— would your small steps not add up? They sure would.

My friends often joke that spending time with me is dangerous — because I will make you want to start something. Sometimes that something wasn’t even something you wanted until you begin to believe in yourself. Once you believe in yourself, the impossible and improbable can become a reality. You can really do anything you’re willing to work for. You have so much raw talent and brilliance in you and if you can’t take any action, it won’t get you anywhere. What’s something that you’ve always wanted to do? What’s stopping you from doing it? Start somewhere!

Remember that done is better than perfect. Just get something done — don’t worry about it being perfect. You can always iterate. Little by little, my friends, it adds up. God bless.πŸ’•

Blessings and Love….😊


244 thoughts on “WHY NOT?

  1. I enjoyed this post, especially the energy and optimism. You are a twenty one year old law student and I am the father of a twenty one year old daughter who is also a law student! Small world. Best of luck for the future, though I suspect the luck won’t be needed! πŸ™‚

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  2. Happy Saturday,

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    This is a great opportunity to read and support other Christian bloggers/
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