He transformed my mind and steadied my walk, so I may fearlessly climb mountains. (Psalm 18:33)

I hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection. This year has been one of the toughest and most challenging regarding my faith and trust in God. It’s humbling because at times you think you are stronger than you are. Then the Lord shows you “Ahhhh we still have work to do…”

How many times have you accepted defeat before even trying?!? We are so quick to limit ourselves, deciding who we are and who we aren’t and that’s it. We accept the world’s made-up rules for which we are supposed to be, and believe we cannot break theses rules. Some stay stuck. Stuck in the expectations of others. Stuck going through motions. Stuck knowing there has to be something more. We stay in our little identity boxes, not allowing ourselves to ‘stretch out’ or to even consider that maybe, just maybe, there’s another way forward.

Change often calls us outside of our comfort zone. And we don’t like that, do we? We like certainty and know outcomes. Am I right! Our brain seeks familiar because it requires less brain activity. So change literally feels uncomfortable. Maybe its hard to imagine change and that anything could change in our life right now.

And know this: Even if you can’t see it, its possible. You have more in you than what you realize. The power from within is from God and not from us. (2 Corinthians 4:7) You have the power and influence inside of you, but you must let God work through you. Once you do, there will be radical changes taking place in your life, one so transformative that only God can do. Even if you can’t feel or see it. Remember God’s Love never changes, never takes a break or vacation or forgets to show up. It never stops. Believe it! We serve a good God, friends. God bless!



325 thoughts on “GRACE, NOT PERFECTION !

  1. Striving to be less perfectionistic and more full of divine grace is also a goal of mine this year . Perfectionism has caused me nothing but grief , putting conditions of worth on myself . I pray we all get closer to God and keep healing . We all need it .

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  2. This speaks to my heart and my reality this year of family changes, job changes, life changes, and I hope heart changes. Humility, change (is good and needed), wait, and courage; this is what He’s been saying to me and He used you today to keep these things in my focus. Great post! Love the website!

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