“She believed she could so she did.” is lovely and instills confidence, but that doesn’t last. I know a deeper truth. She believe she couldn’t, so He did. Where you can’t, God already has…

All day, in many things today, I felt like I couldn’t do it on my own. Has anyone ever felt like this. That’s me Today. There’s so much going on right now. So many life leaps in the works. But God provides. He provides more than I could ever imagine. He gives us a full inbox of opportunities to grow and start a domino effect of hope and love. So grateful for his love and mercy. He makes me whole. This reminds me of Moses who didn’t feel equipped — he couldn’t do it on his own. But then God instilled this truth in his heart: “The lord will fight for you, you need only be still.” (Exodus 14:14) Yes, he will. Be still. He is able.

And if I could share just one thing with you right now is this…😊 Throughout the Bible, every single person God chose besides Jesus, was broken, afraid, insecure, fearful, did not have enough money, did not have anything —And God moved through them to change history. God uses ordinary and imperfect people — shepherds, and farmers, to do astounding things. Even though we are ordinary. God can make the impossible possible when we humble ourselves and surrender to him. What a friend we have in Jesus. Amen!

So there you have it, I could tell you all about my day, but God’s story is so much better. God bless!😊



330 thoughts on “BE STILL!

  1. Right on! I read a sweet passage this morning that went something like this: “When the attention is withdrawn from the little self and its weakness and focused upon the One Source of Strength, the doors and windows of our being are opened toward heaven to receive a blessing that does not fail to come.”

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  2. Knowing God in depth allow us to be immersed in his love, I remember how weak I was when trials came and hit but our God is bigger than our strongest problems. When we lose ourselves in the mix he grabs us as we trust in Him. After that, everything get in order and peace of God full our inner being! Worrying of tomorrow disappears as Hope of Jesus replaces by being still and leave our heart troubles to Him. God loves you πŸ™β€οΈ

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