I AM….

A daughter. A sister. A friend. A Believer. A Loved Child of God. A writer. A storyteller. A voracious reader. A rainbow lover. A stargazer. A sparkle fanatic, A joy spreader. A sprinkle mixer. A smile enthusiast. I am a student, forever. I am a secret introvert, A TV -binge watcher. A poet in my dreams. A creator of more than one thing. I am a founder and chairperson, I am unabashedly honest, I am sensitive. A dog-snuggler. I am a professional foodie and an amateur chef. I am a flower whisperer. A chocolate lover. A serious soul and so much more…

#IAmMany stands for women supporting women. Women encouraging women. Women sharing their skills , their wisdom with one another. Let us be proud of all the titles that we are, because NO woman is just one thing. We are multi – faceted. We are ALWAYS many!

How do you define you? What is your manifesto! Please comment! God bless.πŸ’•

Blessings and Love…😊


390 thoughts on “I AM ONE OF MANY!

  1. Your encouragement is a big boost for amateurs like me. Hope to create better posts and receive more feedback in the future.

    Beautiful post. Just made me realise how many roles we, as women, play in our lives. Some roles we choose and some are thrust upon us. But, each role shapes and defines us and is such an integral part of our identity. And, if there is one role that is just as important as any other, it is being a supporter and cheerleader for other women who are searching for their own identity. Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes,

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  2. You inspired me to tweet my own.

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  3. You are a woman of many. And that’s good.

    The part about being a poet in your dream actually made me chuckle a little. But you can bring it to reality you know!

    As for me, my best identities are husband, father, disciple of Jesus Christ…

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      1. When you desire something good, God brings it to pass. So I’m convinced you will soon be publishing poems, since that’s your heart’s desire.

        There was a time in my life, I wrote a couple of poems but none was a rhyme. And I was like, God, I want to write rhymes too. Now I write rhymes with ease. Glory to God!

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  4. Wise words in a world where we are only supposed to be one thing, and that thing had better be the RIGHT thing. I am a writer, a tiger tamer, a strong sister, a gumboot wearer, a mountain stream, a culinary witch, a warm wife, a jester and obviously… a dreamer…

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  5. June,
    Great post! I am a sensitive woman, an artist, a writer, a mother of precious pets, a daughter, a wife, an introvert, a college graduate, a blogger, a star-gazer, a Christian, a lover of ideas, and so much more. Thanks, June, ONLY ONE SAVIOR.

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  6. Beautiful post and a great reminder of how wonderful God’s creation can be.
    We are definitely multi-faceted.
    You have additional special qualities that stand out to me:
    You are positive and up-building.
    You are letting your light shine to all and do not hide it under a bushel basket.

    I love all the responses. You’ve touched many hearts.
    Great writing.

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  7. I absolutely love this! I too am many of those things! You have lifted my morning and made me smile. I am looking forward to the day ahead and hope that I too can spread a little joy and happiness as I go on this beautiful October morning! Have a lovely day! πŸ™‚

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