I AM….

A daughter. A sister. A friend. A Believer. A Loved Child of God. A writer. A storyteller. A voracious reader. A rainbow lover. A stargazer. A sparkle fanatic, A joy spreader. A sprinkle mixer. A smile enthusiast. I am a student, forever. I am a secret introvert, A TV -binge watcher. A poet in my dreams. A creator of more than one thing. I am a founder and chairperson, I am unabashedly honest, I am sensitive. A dog-snuggler. I am a professional foodie and an amateur chef. I am a flower whisperer. A chocolate lover. A serious soul and so much more…

#IAmMany stands for women supporting women. Women encouraging women. Women sharing their skills , their wisdom with one another. Let us be proud of all the titles that we are, because NO woman is just one thing. We are multi – faceted. We are ALWAYS many!

How do you define you? What is your manifesto! Please comment! God bless.πŸ’•

Blessings and Love…😊


310 thoughts on “I AM ONE OF MANY!

  1. You are a woman of many. And that’s good.

    The part about being a poet in your dream actually made me chuckle a little. But you can bring it to reality you know!

    As for me, my best identities are husband, father, disciple of Jesus Christ…

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      1. When you desire something good, God brings it to pass. So I’m convinced you will soon be publishing poems, since that’s your heart’s desire.

        There was a time in my life, I wrote a couple of poems but none was a rhyme. And I was like, God, I want to write rhymes too. Now I write rhymes with ease. Glory to God!

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  2. Wise words in a world where we are only supposed to be one thing, and that thing had better be the RIGHT thing. I am a writer, a tiger tamer, a strong sister, a gumboot wearer, a mountain stream, a culinary witch, a warm wife, a jester and obviously… a dreamer…

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  3. June,
    Great post! I am a sensitive woman, an artist, a writer, a mother of precious pets, a daughter, a wife, an introvert, a college graduate, a blogger, a star-gazer, a Christian, a lover of ideas, and so much more. Thanks, June, ONLY ONE SAVIOR.

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  4. Beautiful post and a great reminder of how wonderful God’s creation can be.
    We are definitely multi-faceted.
    You have additional special qualities that stand out to me:
    You are positive and up-building.
    You are letting your light shine to all and do not hide it under a bushel basket.

    I love all the responses. You’ve touched many hearts.
    Great writing.

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