Those who leave everything in GOD’S HANDS, will eventually see God’s hand in everything.

Sometimes, we are so overwhelmed by our trials, that we forget to remember that God is right there with us in the midst of them. Everything has a purpose. Understand this – It’s all working to drive your purpose. And when you understand this, that is when you can continue to press through the storm that try to come against you. Trials don’t mean you’ve done anything wrong, they are confirmation that you are totally in the center of God’s will. His grace is sufficient.

Everything that you are experiencing right now, is only happening because of your connection to God. You have a convenant with God. Your relationship is the “WHY?” things may be happening. Know that nothing can come against you and your purpose. “No weapon formed against thee shall prosper.” (Isaiah 54:17).

You are blessed! Don’t let the tough moments in your life pull you from that truth. Look to God and trust the process. He loves you. He is for you, and He who promise, is faithful. Don’t settle! God bless you.💕

Blessings and Love…😊


372 thoughts on “EVERYTHING HAS A PURPOSE!

  1. You are a remarkable young lady, and thank you for your sharing. Yes, I believe too that all of our challenges are blessings in disguise. Without them, we could never learn to have true compassion for others, or know how to help them when they were going through their own challenges. And we could not have such a meaningful and important way to light our journey with God through our lives. You cannot see a rainbow without the rain.

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  2. You can definitely see God’s hand in everything. Everyone would be going through 1,000 more struggles if God pulled His hand away. God might use your trials to bring people to Christ. Non-Christians who see Christians struggle but stand firm in their faith may believe. A great example of this is in Daniel. Daniel faced the lions den in faith and God saved him and King Darius believed because Daniel’s faith never wavered, even when he faced death. Very inspirational. God bless you.
    Love, Abigail

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  3. Thank u for the post, great one 👍
    God bless u

    “Those who leave everything in GOD’S HANDS, will eventually see God’s hand in everything”

    “Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses,……
    ‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭12:1‬‬

    Their is a great cloud of witness before us shouting at us the faithfulness of A Loving Father an Infinite God,who they believed even when they saw nothing, yet they believed and Saw God’s Hand turning their Life into a Miracle.

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  4. Yes! I’m currently in a season where everything is going wrong. I’m blessed to have been prepared for this through our last sermon series at Amplify Church. We spoke about trusting in the Lord and enjoying the hard times where he is building you up to handle the blessing he has in store. Every struggle is just another page of my story!

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  5. Thanks for this post. Yes I agree that everything has a purpose. There are times really when I ask HIM why is this happening? Because I can’t seem to find the answer to the point of begging HIM to stop. I’m afraid I might not be able to handle these challenges HE is giving. Yet surely GOD has its purpose. I’m praying for more strength.

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  6. A times it happened that I felt whatever I passed through in life ,ordeal, depression was a result of what I didn’t do right, and I had certain things I wished to have achieved before 20 and it always made me depressed thinking I would never achieve this, little did I know that the thought of God is different from that of man. Thanks for this morning inspo

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  7. Thank you for your encouraging blog post. It makes me want to continue on with my purpose, and to be appreciative of what I have and have been given. Keep on with the great work! cheers . 🤓

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  8. Amen, Good word.

    I am thankful for my trails. God used them to mold me into this man of God I am today. God will use our circumstances to mold us into his image. God allows things to happen to get out attention. He did mine.

    Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.
    1 Thessalonians 5:18 NLT

    God Bless You Richly

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  9. Simple but profound truth. My life’s experience have shaped me into the person I am now. I am learning that, when I let go and let God, everything will work out for my good and for His glory! Thanks for sharing. You are blessed.

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