Don’t look back. Your BEST days are in front of you…

I love when the Apostle Paul said that he was DOING ONE THING, forgetting what was behind and reaching for what was ahead of him. Though he had done some pretty bad things in his past, he chose to focus on the future God had for him. Today I pray that you will picture a gigantic eraser removing all your hurts and mistakes from your past. Receive and believe all that God has done and will do just for you. In Him we are more than conquerors.

[Things no one will tell you] I know you’re really tired – I am too. We all have so many excuses. But you must keep moving forward, even if your feet are dragging. It’s Okay to take little breaks and rest, but it’s not okay to give up. Don’t give up on yourself or on your dreams. You owe it to yourself to do your best so make yourself proud. Focusing on the past and your missteps is a TRAP. Giving credibility to your critics is a TRAP. Feeling less than worthy is a TRAP. Doubting yourself is a TRAP.

Today is a new day. Come up with a plan, chip away at it, step by step. Be consistent and see progress. Focus on a few things that you’re passionate about. Work harder than before. Be STRATEGIC, be ORGANISED, be informed. Be POSITIVE. You are worthy without anyone’s approval. You are valuable even if someone told you otherwise.

Do not be the sailboat that changes direction with the wind. Be the lighthouse that stands tall, unwavering, shining a light so bright that others are guided to good places by it. God bless!

Blessings and Love.😊



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