Standing On GRACE Alone❤

…and to wake up, knowing that God is on my side, is enough…

Want to know something? I’m trying so hard right now – doing things I’ve never done before. Am I scared? YES. Am I still doing it? YES. Because my dreams are way stronger than my fears. And anytime my indestructible bubble of happiness is pierced by negative thoughts or doubts, I fight back with hope and heart and positivity.😊You see, I’ve gotten pretty good at keeping any thoughts in the range of gratitude, positivity and love and courage but that doesn’t mean that the occasional bad thought doesn’t creep in. I just squash it up immediately….😊

Believe me when I tell you, when God breathes on your life, put on your skates, stretch out your arms and let his blow guide you right through your story. Your pages, your chapter, your BOOKS OF YOU, is already done.

God created you for a purpose and he never wants fear of the unexpected to hold you back. God frees your potential with Grace. Don’t let any doubt, fear or insecurity stand in the way of being everything that God has purposed you to be. Keep trusting God with each day. You were created to stand out, to be acut above. So be real with yourself. Now, do your part and distinguish yourself. God bless!



199 thoughts on “Standing On GRACE Alone❤

  1. I hope this message finds you well. I would like to nominate your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. As a newbie in the realm of blogging, it has been great to have come across your blog and discover wonderful posts. Please do not feel pressured by continuing on the chain of posts based on the directions of the award, but I would just like to let you know that your blog definitely deserves to be award-winning. If you are comfortable and would like to take part in continuing the chain of posts, here are the directions –
    Thank you very much,

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  2. Great thoughts!!😊 I just went through a spell of months that I had to work hard, like really hard to squash fears and remember The Truth. To stop believing the lies the devil was telling me. It’s gotten better, but it’s still something I have to work on!

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  3. Thank you for this post. I often have negative thoughts about myself and if I can measure up. I try to make someone up on the outside that isn’t me………. even though I know I am made by God and in the image of God. This gave me so much encouragement to be myself and to be real about sharing God’s love! Thank you!

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  4. Amen! I add my (typed) voice in proclaiming the truth that God’s grace is indeed sufficient. When God called me from full time employment to minister His truth in love full-time, I did so in great confidence: In Him, not me! He is faithful throughout the generations, and I thank Him daily for that as well.

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  5. I love this sis and needed to hear this. God gave me a talent to write. I have known it since I was a child. I let fear, doubt, and insecurities prevent me from writing novels. I was worried about grammatical errors, spelling, sentence structure, you name it! And one day, when I was at my lowest point in life, God spoke. I had been crying. I had lost my job and had four children under 13 to take care of. I felt hopeless and unworthy. I prayed and asked God, Why am I here? Did you put me here to fail and take my life? Are my children better off without me? After I asked God all those questions, there was nothing but silence. I sobbed and questioned my own faith. But then something quietly and strong said, “WRITE”. Write? Write What? I didn’t think much about it and kept it reserved in the back of my head. Soon after the voice became louder and louder. When I was faced with losing my home, “WRITE”. When I had more bills than money, “WRITE”. The voice never stopped.
    Realizing it was God, I did what he said….I wrote. About any and everything. Ideas began to flow and my life started changing. I got a decent job and ended up moving to a nice bigger house. Once I began to get out of my circumstances, I slowed with writing. I actually stopped. Soon after stress from the new job had started to take hold and my children were becoming troublesome adults. Those feelings of frustration started to settle in again, and again I heard his voice, “WRITE”. I realized maybe that was my destiny. All these years I had allowed doubt, fear, and worry to suppress me. So I began to write a great novel. I marvel at times of how good it is turning out to be. Strange thing is, the answer was there. It had always been there. Forgive me for writing a story in your comment section. It was not my intention. I only wanted to thank you for putting this in your blog. It made me reflect on God’s goodness and grace.
    You are one amazing person love. And I thank you for that.

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