• Our work should equip

    the next generation of women

    to outdo us in every field

    this is the legacy we’ll leave behind


They say you are a woman, you are not worthy. I ask WHY?

To YOU, my future female colleagues, from all walks of life, don’t ever let the opinions of others dictate your decisions. You are going to face obstacles and doubters, but use them to fuel you, never stop you. Incredible things happen to women who walk side by side, hold each other up and support each other! You determine whats best for you. Be who you are. Stand up for yourself and others – that’s what I’m doing now!God bless!

Blessings and love…


233 thoughts on “STAND UP FOR YOURSELF!

  1. Well spoken June! I support your wonderful cause, encouraging women to appreciate who they are in the way our Lord intended. It was Jesus who returned to women the sense of dignity that men had taken away. We are all one in Christ. When we have self respect we can truly reach for excellence, and only then achieve our very best and be delighted in who we really are and what we have achieved.

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  2. I’ve always loved posts like this. Such a sense of community. Healthy competition exists everywhere but we should do better, than to let them come in between us. Great job at writing this! It’s a micro-post full of evoking language. love it!!

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