Everyday the world will drag you by the hand yelling, “This is important! And this is important!, You need to worry about this! And this!” And each day, its up to you to yank your hand back, put it on your heart and say, “No, This is what’s important.” – Lain Thomas

As someone who religiously got up early from the age of about 6 to study for spelling tests, its really hard to accept anything less than perfection. I remember the first time I got 89% in a class test in Primary school. I bawled in front of everyone because it was less than 90% – needless to say they all thought me mad.

Thats the standard I’ve set my whole life, thats the stupid level of perfection I wanted to achieve in everything every single day. I’ve realised how destructive and unhealthy that is. Thats the thing about perfection – it’s not real, its not attainable, and the pursuit of it will drive you insane. I’m sharing this because I’ve been there and I’ve learned the hard way the toll that this pursuit can take.

I’ve learned that challenges become unexpected blessings or lessons. Life requires a total surrender, a flying leap of faith. Sometimes the tighter we hold onto life, the louder the message from the universe is. FAITH! It will all turn out as it should be, even if it doesn’t seem that way at all in the moment. Every experience is an opportunity to practice letting go and of grasping onto life as we believe it should be, and free-falling with acceptance into the life we have.

The road is not easy – But if your behaviour matches your intentions, then that congruence, will enable you to achieve your goals and help you become the best version of yourself. We’re human, we’re not meant to be perfect. It’s your journey. Own it. Bloom where God planted you. Be your most authentic self, all in. Honor yourself and make choices not because someone or society expected it of you, because they are right for you and consistent with your beliefs.

My whole teaching is this, accept yourself, love yourself and celebrate yourself… These words sum up the entirety of my beliefs. God bless! 🙂

Blessings and Love….


250 thoughts on “PRACTICE LETTING GO!

  1. I love your message with this post; yours is a needed voice. With that, I’d like to offer a slightly different take: I don’t believe it is wrong to strive for perfection. Whether it be an exam, a competition, or life itself, it isn’t wrong to work toward the very best results.
    Will we fall short of perfection? Certainly, as we are human. But the problem I see is that people sometimes don’t understand the difference between defeat and failure. We all will be defeated by someone bigger, stronger,faster, better prepared. But if we honestly did the best we could that day, that isn’t failure; we can walk away with head high, and try again next time. Failure, in my mind, is when we quit trying.
    Scripture calls us toward perfection. God knows we will blow it sometimes, but I believe that, in the end, He will reward the effort.
    You do great work with your writing. God bless you and your efforts— Mike

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  2. Oh how I can personally relate!! I once read that the enemy uses perfection as a means of distraction from fixing our eyes on God and our true purpose in life. Isn’t that crafty?! As a fellow perfectionist I can certainly see where that can be true. Great message, and well said! God bless, friend!

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  3. I have always been a perfectionist too… Ever since school. Now I love History and languages, but I’m not a Math’s wizard, never was 😉

    The best I ever got at Maths was a 4, and that was OK with me in that field. There were two times when I got a “3”. I never ever got a 3 before. I tried so hard, worked so hard, and got a 3! I broke down and cried…. So I can really understand what you’re saying here.

    I’m still a perfectionist, and always ill be. It’s part of me. And for years now, I’m in the process of learning to let go. That doesn’t lawys work out, but at least I’m trying 😉

    Hugs from Poland, my Dear! 🙂

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  4. Thank you for such a beautiful message ! I am on the journey to be my authentic self, and every single day I reflect on my patterns, and when I find old one, I renew It with a new conscious pattern 🔥

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  5. Trusting that God’s plan for our life is so much bigger and better than our own is a daily practice for me. Letting go is challenging, but so rewarding!

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  6. “Thats the thing about perfection – it’s not real, its not attainable, and the pursuit of it will drive you insane. I’m sharing this because I’ve been there and I’ve learned the hard way the toll that this pursuit can take.” Very true

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  7. “Life requires a total surrender, a flying leap of faith. Sometimes the tighter we hold onto life, the louder the message from the universe is. FAITH! ”
    I love this, it really resonated with me as a christian who is chronically ill. I seem to get angry and depressed about my situation, but I still try to tell myself this is happening for a reason. I feel like this is a test to see how strong my faith is or something.
    Anyways, this was a really good article 🙂

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    1. Thank you Austin! I did read all of your blog posts. Yes, you may gasp at the sight of your illness, Yes, you may lose your faith, It’s okay. You are only human. But you must remember who our Lord is and the promises he has made over your life. You are a child of God. And God loves you. Have great faith in the Lords ability to heal you. Pray. Pray often. Pray with faith. There is immeasurable power in prayer. I’ve learned that if you continue to fight your battles on your knees, you will win EVERY time. God is good! Take care and God bless you my friend!😊❤

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  8. Indeed, life is about learning and growing. Occasional failure comes with growth. My wife, like you, is a recovering perfectionist, also a person of faith dedicated to growth. When she fails, I comfort her and point out how failure informs our direction and efforts as much as success.

    I’m a Pareto eighty-percenter. I find that going for 80% I can get twice as much done as going for 90% … As you say, 100% will drive one crazy.

    Thank you

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  9. Interesting, my experience with grades has been something of the opposite of yours. When I was younger, I used to consider anything higher than a failing grade an achievement because I really struggled in school. Now in university, I kind of get upset with myself when I get anything less than an A because my grades are so good. Still, yes, perfection is an impossibility 🙂

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