“And so – life waits full-born in the moments of our lives. To relate and feel such a moment can strengthen our heart…But when we can enter such a moment, the world touches us with its unwavering illuminations….” MARK NEPO – SEVEN THOUSAND WAYS TO LISTEN

THIS IS SO TRUE….I often find myself relating to moments of my life from a distance – through the filter of my thoughts and judgements, busy in my head and often take things for granted. I sometimes feel the small ordinary lived experiences pass me by in my busy-ness and distraction. But when I slow down and truly enter a moment I become part of the energy called life. I am reminding myself again, today, to drop my filters that only serve to separate and come into contact with every moment of my life.

Can we truly sit with ourselves, during all the seasons of our lives, being fair weather friends with ourselves? Waffling back and forth with fearful worried indecision. Blustering our way, through any conflict or challenge without regard to the feelings and needs of others. Covering over our moments of insecurity by faking it, losing our temper over minor hassles, afraid to show our true feelings to anyone.

I guess, “I just hoped it would be different” Hope is a funny thing, isn’t it? Sometimes hope in some ways propels us to move forward, keeps us holding on for a better tomorrow. But hope in some ways is a fear of living in the future, outside the truth of right now. Radical acceptance of this moment means embracing what is, as difficult as that may be – not hoping for different, but believing that all is unfolding exactly as it should. Indeed it is a moment by moment practice for me – this push and pull between full surrender and hope for change.

We all face situations in life that feel out of control. During these times, it’s easy to get discouraged and allow fear to creep in, but instead why don’t you focus on the fact that God is holding you in the palm of his hand. There is nothing too difficult for him, nothing that is impossible, nothing that is beyond his ability. And when He holds you in the palm of his hands, you are safe, you are well cared for. There is victory. There is strength and there is provision. Believe it! God Got you!

Here’s to great and better! God bless.πŸ’•

Blessings and Love.😊


157 thoughts on “THE SMALL MOMENTS

  1. Are you a sailboat, motorboat, or rowboat? If we live as a sailboat…drop the motor to the ocean floor, throw the oars overboard, then we become one with the “Wind”, God’s Spirit, God’s will, this moment in our life. I try to live my life as if I am a sailboat. And sometimes there is no wind moving. Sometimes we sit in patience while a gentle ocean rocks the boat as if there is no hurry to be anywhere. Very good stuff in your site again. I do enjoy. I expect to continue work on my mom’s garden today, here in Indiana. I love being outdoors, whether winter or summer. That connection to nature. Helps keep me young. But here is a quote that relates: “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” Robert Brault. (Don’t know who he is, but I like the quote.) Blessings to you, God Chic.

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