Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. That’s who you really are, let go of any part of you that doesn’t believe it…

I’ve always had a deep respect for Youtubers who manage to turn a hobby into a career. Lilly Singh, the infamous (iisuperwomanii) has over 13 million YouTube subscribers, has written a New York Times Bestselling book “How to be a Bawse” (which is definitely worth reading) launched a bombshell lipstick “Bawse” with smashbox cosmetics, is one of the most humble humanitarian out there and that is just the beginning. She is honestly so cool, hardworking, hilarious and everything. She’s had a YouTube channel for over half a decade and despite everything going on in her life. She still manages to post two content videos a week for her fans.(fangirl right here😍) And when she started, she probably had no idea how far it would take her.

You know what breaks me? When someone is visibly excited about a feeling or an idea or a hope and they tell you about it but preface it with ” Sorry, this is dumb but-“. Don’t do that? Don’t ever feel unintelligent. Don’t ever underestimate yourself. Your definition of who you are is your own. It is within your ability to be who ever you want to be. Not who you just think you are.

Don’t ever shrink so you can squeeze yourself into small places and minds. If you have the ability to imagine it and think you want it, then it is part of you. Do not ever think that you are not worthy of all the greatness you wish upon yourself. You decide it, not others. Do not be enslaved by the laws of society and especially to a prison within your mind. It’s a big world. There’s room. You will fit. I promise.

Many of us are vision holders? God’s desire is for us to launch out deep and bring forth what he has created us to be. God told Joshua – ” I will give you every place where you set foot, as I promised Moses” (Joshua 1:3) However sometimes we allow fear and the opinion of others to become our stronghold that can crush our visions and dreams from being released. It’s time to uphold our vision. Take that leap of faith. God bless.💕



217 thoughts on “LEAP OF FAITH

  1. Wonderful message, “Miss Godly Chic”! It goes right along with Rachel Hollis’ book, GIRL WASH YOUR FACE. Currently, I’m following an online close study series based on the book and, although I’m in my late 70s, I am learning so much about myself and how not to put myself down. Thank you!

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  2. Wonderful advice! I myself following Ms. Lilly. She makes me laugh. Also I’m getting out of what people expect me to do and seeking God’s plans for my life! I thank you for writing this. I am following your blog. Please check out mine and also my YouTube channel under Keierra ReeNell.
    Blessings to you!

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  3. Great post. I think too many of us fall into the trap of being what we think others want us to be, so we will gain their approval. Everyone has a story worth telling and a contribution worth giving. They should not feel any less if it is not the same as another’s story or contribution.

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  4. I’m glad a lot of people are reading, because your writing is top notch. The message is excellent, framed well, and long enough without being too long; aside from that, however, your attention to craft is more than laudable. Excellent throughout. Keep rockin’ it like this, and YOU might wind up with that many followers. Thanks, prayers, and blessings to you and yours.

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  5. This is an inspiration! Thank you for this message. I truly feel what I am today is all bcz of me and my actions and I’m proud of it whatever it may be. Away from the stress of society, entering the blogging world was one of the most difficult tasks I ever undertook. 👍keep Glittering and blogging. Love TGA by Misha 💕👍😊

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  6. I am an instant fan of your blog! This was beautifully written and I love your high energy tone throughout this post. I tell people the same thing as well when ever they self deprecate and down play their gifts. We all have unique gifts that speak to our authenticity, and as children of God, shining how he created us to shine is the ultimate form of worship. Thank you for posting this and ill be sure to check out Lilly Singh’s youtube channel because of your recommendation. Thank you for posting.

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