Pure at heart!

Before you hurt someone, take a piece of paper and crumple it up. Have you done it already? Good! now try to make it the way it was before…. You can’t right? Peoples’ hearts are like this piece of paper, once you have hurt them, it is difficult to leave them the way you found them. …so before you hurt someone, THINK HARD about what you are doing?

I love people for who they are. Throughout my childhood and teen years it was indelibly etched in my brain to show RESPECT. I was taught to KNOCK before I open a door. Say HELLO when I enter a room. Say PLEASE, THANK YOU and show respect to everyone I encounter. And most importantly I was raised to treat people exactly how I would like to be treated. It’s called RESPECT.😊

The respect you show to others, (or lack there of) is an immediate reflection on your self-respect. Being gracious to everyone, regardless of their age, shows your true character. Do not ever think you are better than everyone else, or you deserve better than anyone else just because you are degreedπŸŽ“ or have titles. Your title means nothing if it doesn’t honor the character you show. The truth is we are all the same. Never look down at others unless you are helping them up.

Always remember this: no matter what or how much you achieve in your life never forget from where you came from. I stand by those who are pure at heart, by those who don’t lose sight of where they come from because it made them who they are. By those who have been through struggles, but still sustain a smile and try to be better not only for themselves but for others who were in the same shoes as them.

Remember people cannot read our minds, but they can see our behaviour and observe our manners. Ensure that you always act with good manners. First impressions count!

‘Be better than you, not better than others!

Blessings and Love….

289 thoughts on “Pure at heart!

  1. I can definitely relate to this post. A long with my 2 older siblings, my parents instilled values in us from when we were young. They taught us to have manners, to be kind, humble, work hard for what you want and most importantly, learning from our mistakes which has made us into who we are today. We certainly owe them alot. πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

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  2. “Be better than you, not better than others.” I love that. It’s so easy sometimes to forget we aren’t in a competition and not to compare ourselves with other peoples lives. But we should strive daily to be a better version of ourselves than who we were the previous day and continue onward as we grow and mature. And always being respectful of others.

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  3. I know someone who behaves in all those negative ways you described, I am hoping to find a way to tactfully show her your article, and further hoping it might get through to her. She was a sweet child, now she is becoming too good for everyone, I hope in some way to get through to her and bring her back down to earth, where she has forgotten she lives! xx

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  4. I am not sure manners are taught any more and certainly, bad manners, deeds and actions are there for all to see in Social Media, in the News, in television and movies and especially in our governments. The Golden Rule now seems to be Do Unto Others Before They Do Unto You. We all deserve respect and understanding. You can get a message across without crushing someone.

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