“WE CAN BE KIND” by David Friedman 


Together we can Heal Our World, One Kindness at a Time.

This book “WE CAN BE KIND” nudges you from within. The Author, David Friedman demonstrates incredible storytelling skills and weaves a poignant message seamlessly into a delightful and fun read…

Friedman’s clear writing is stellar. His encouraging voice and loving tone is what makes this an excellent book for anyone who has ever wondered what exactly “being kind” means.

This book is a treasury of wisdom. The life changing messages will alter the way you see the world. Within a chapter of reading it, I was already seeing the world in a different light. I became more conscious of how my thoughts and actions will get in the way of my ability to live in genuine peace and happiness.

Friedman shows us the ways in which we can transform our feelings of pain, anger, sorrow, regret and fear into love, compassion, positive energy and most importantly kindness.

This book has 20 chapters and 188 pages. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Do give it a read. I promise it will not disappoint. 😉

You can find it on Amazon. Click on the following link:-

Blessings and Love….


61 thoughts on ““WE CAN BE KIND” by David Friedman 

  1. I agree.Somewhere along the way we got lost in everything else that is life and forgot all about love and kindness. I think that it’s one of those things that makes life that more beautiful.🙂
    Yet again another wonderful post.
    Thanks for the recommend.

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  2. As a former cop I can tell you for certain that what our world needs most of all is kind people in it. They are the minority. But when they do come out they are most powerful. I will check out the book when I get a chance. – Robert

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  3. Sounds beautiful. If you have a moment, you might enjoy taking a look at LOVE The Beat Goes On. I wrote it, but it seems to be affecting people in deep and profound ways.
    And thank you for being a great supporter of my blog!

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  4. We all are, in part responsible for the ugliness in the world. If we would all tend to our own feelings and surroundings with loving kindness and do our best to radiate love, forgiveness, and gratitude along with understanding our world will be much more beautiful.

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