COURAGE, dear heart❤

Even when bad things happens to the good and godly ones, the LORD will save them and not let them be defeated by what they face~ Psalm 34:19

September was the worst month for me, personally and emotionally. October happened and▪▪▪I’m feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.❤ Writing this post, subconsciously puts me in a state of constant reflection and in a lot of ways uncomfortable.

Although you couldn’t tell, I just recovered from chicken pox, after two weeks of agonizing pain and discomfort. Although chickenpox is generally a mild condition, it isn’t completely harmless either. Apart from being itchy and irritating it leaves behind black spots /marks.The length of time for the spots to fade may range from a few weeks to several months depending on the skins natural ability to regenerate new skin.

So, off topic, I’ve noticed people staring at my face and counting my spots(super awkward🙈).😊 I’m OKAY! I just need time to heal. Remember, everything heals in it’s own time. We all are different when it comes to healing. Always know that healing can never be rushed. If it takes time, let it be. Thanks for the love.😊

A big thank you goes out to my beautiful Mum. She cleaned, cooked and did not spare effort even if that meant I would get my studying done. She did it with so much grace(and can beat most, Internet friendly people with the amount of facts she knows🙊)and I’ve learned by example what it means to be selfless and to support others through challenging times. I am forever grateful to you, Mum. Thank you!!!❤

So here’s a poem I can relate to:

Blessed in so many ways, that I can’t begin to count them. I thank God everyday cause I couldn’t get through life without him. I appreciate the trials and tribulations that I had to face. It gave me strength and taught me lessons that I learned to embrace. Whenever I sat too high on my pedal – stool. He made sure to knock me down. And whenever I began losing my way He made sure to take away my crown. I’ve learned that we are all humans, at any moment any of our lives can crumble. And I’m grateful for everything I have, yet I still remain humble■■■

Blessings and Love. …


116 thoughts on “COURAGE, dear heart❤

  1. I had chicken pox when I was 7 and trust me it was a terrible form of chicken pox.
    I couldnot see my face in the mirror and there were all boils.
    However, when all dried, the uncountable marks faded very fast and there was not a single mark after 1-2 months.

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  2. Wow, I was so happy to stumble upon your post here in the midst of looking for some bloggers who were writing on topics or from experience similar to some of my own. So sorry you went through this pain, but I’m so glad to see how you were ready to notice God at work in the midst of it!

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  3. Kudos to you for being so young yet passing along your wisdom, faith and life learning to others. We are all in this together, to help and encourage each other through all of life’s lessons. I too believe God will never let us fall.

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  4. I, too, love writing of my passion and love for Jesus. You have a very nice blog with inspiring and light-hearted thoughts. God bless you in all your passions for His glory and your good. Difficult times (i.e., chicken pox) definitely give us an opportunity to lean on Christ and learn from Him. A lifelong process.

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  5. Your attitude is very biblical and right up there with David.
    Psalm 119:71 [It is] good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn your statutes. And it is good to know
    Don’t ever lose it. It will get you through even tougher times than chicken pox.

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  6. CHICKEN POX! No fun…. brings back memories. I somehow had it twice when I was much smaller and very young. I am so glad you are feeling better. I loved your post, and I look forward to reading more of your thoughts here. You have such a sweet and kind voice and demeanor, it’s like sitting with a good friend on the porch and talking about anything and everything, or nothing at all. Very pleasant experience, I want to thank you for that. May GOD continue to magnify your light so that all the world can see.

    XOXO, GL

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  7. So sorry you had the awful chicken pox! it will soon be all gone! your Mum sounds just like mine was, utterly amazing! I lost her three years ago this weekend, only 77 years old, I feel a little cheated if the truth be told, Sometimes I wonder why there are so many horrible people living old in this world, when my superb Mum was taken far too soon. Enjoy your wonderful Mum, every single day xx

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    1. Aw, thank you! 😊 I’m sorry about your mum. I know you miss her.❤ Always cherish your memories of her. They are the best! 😊 Yes, my mum is an amazing person too. She makes my dreams her priority and has never been afraid to watch me grow. Love her to bits. God bless you!💕


  8. Glad to hear you are doing better. Chicken pox is mild when most children get it, but it is said to be worse if you get it into your teens, twenties etc. The older you get and haven’t had it, it’s worse when you do get it. I never had the chicken pox, but I have had the vaccine for it, but it worries me cause I will be 30 this January and I still never haven’t got them. Haha My uncle got them when he was in his 40’s because his kids got them, and he was like really sick. Like not just chicken pox like REALLY sick. That is why it is almost important to get your children exposed to it or the vaccine when they are young.

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  9. So glad you are healing, and that you had your Mum there to help you.
    I thank you for the poem to remind me there are reasons we get knocked down sometimes, as I am at the moment. But I am grateful for my many blessings including those who are helping me financially at the moment. He is teaching me it is ok to accept help, and even “ask” for it.
    But I am still no good asking for help.

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      1. So true, always. I also had an ah ha moment this morning as I thought about how my thoughts changed in the last couple days from worry and fear about my financial situation, back to faith, trust, and believing that God has it in His hands because I am His child and He loves me. I also realized that when we have times of doubt and fear that maybe we have those times so we appreciate it more when we are fully engaged in BELIEVING.

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  10. This post is beyond beautiful, just like your spirit! I really needed these words, as September was not a good month for me, either. Thank you for this. 💕💕💕

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