“My wish for you is that you continue. Continue to be who and how you are, to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness. Continue to allow humor to lighten the burden of your tender heart.” ~ Maya Angelou

How perfect are these words for so many moments in life?😊

What would you do if you found out that you only had 3 months to live and that there was no known cure? Would you scream? Would you collapse on the floor, break down and cry? Would any words ever be enough to offer even the smallest bit of consolation? Everyday, people around the world are fighting battles we know nothing about, in spite of all their suffering, all their anger, sadness and fear, they get up and somehow, they face the day. That’s a special kind of bravery, and in my books, a special kind of Heroism.

For those of us who are possibly a bit quieter, our kindness and love are really important qualities, and we should cherish those softer parts of our soul as they help us connect to other humans. For those of you, who have known happiness and pain, each of you have your own unique story to share. Stories that may, if we listen, just that little more carefully, help us understand them a little better.

{Everything you need is inside} Everyday, every breath is a gift from God. You have just what you need at this very moment. A moment of introspection, gratitude and contentment to be who you are. If you see something beautiful in someone, Speak IT. Speak with kindness and gratitude. Kindness if free! Remember everyone you meet is afraid of something, love something and has lost something. We never really know what someone is going through or the battles they are facing. So be kind. Always. And never let your pride get the best of situations.

You might think you don’t matter, but because of you someone has a favourite mug to drink their coffee from each morning that you bought them. Someone hears a song on the radio and it reminds them of you. Someone has read a book that you recommended to them and got lost in its pages. Someone remembered a joke you told and smiled to themselves. Someone tried on a new top and felt beautiful because you complimented them on it. Someone has a memory that makes them grin that involves you. Someone now likes themselves a little more because you made a passing comment that made them feel good.

Never think that you don’t have an impact on people, your fingerprints can’t be wiped away from the little marks of kindness that you left behind.

‘If you don’t get a miracle, become one.’ ~ Nick Vujicic

Blessings and Love…

245 thoughts on “KINDNESS IS FREE

  1. Never think that you don’t have an impact on people, your fingerprints can’t be wiped away from the little marks of kindness that you left behind.

    I love this, so much I’m printing it for future use and reference. Godly Chic this is amazing, inspiring. Thanks for this piece.

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  2. Kindness is one of the most a valuable elements we possess and yet (as you said) it is completely free to be kind. Keep sharing these amazing messages. I love your points about past kindnesses and how they connect us to others. Those connections are what build compassion, self-worth, and community.

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  3. Thank you for sharing such powerful message. We are all important in many ways; some we are aware of but some we are not. It is necessary to realize this since at times we happen to get compelled to change just because the essence of who we is dull in our minds.

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  4. It’s not that simple as to just stay positive. Even getting diagnosis of type I diabetes which means many injections a day, many times a day sticking the few fingers one has and so every single day, made me upset for about a year. Lost, desperate and completely off. It still does when I do everything to keep blood glucose levels normal but all kinds of disasters happen; with the worst being accidentally taking 2 doses instead of one or messing up the insulins and taking the fast acting instead of base insulin. That results in states when one is passing out but isn’t allowed to sleep until glucose values return to normal.
    I believe one never knows how they will react until something really happens. It is great to think that we can take bad news with grace and stand above the desperation. It is very human to fight until the last second and I think it is very human to become depressed when nothing good happens for a stretch of many years.
    It takes courage for sure. It is very questionable how well we handle desperate situations. While somebody is well, they certainly hope nothing bad ever happens to them and everything is so distant. Those who have spent some time in hospitals know that suffering is insane.
    I have to put together data from clinical trials here and there, that includes lethal cases and their causes. Just doing that can make me totally upset because there are so many of people who potentially may have been cured but they didn’t have money for proper treatment or they believed this condition will go away on its own.
    The older I get the more I understand that any reaction to bad news is acceptable. Any. We are not the same, we never will be. Symptoms also manifest completely differently in each single case. One might feel nothing much, the other might be in mind-blowing pain. It always depends.

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  5. Beautiful and true. Kindness and compassion are essential responses to suffering. It can be so hard when we suffer or see suffering around us, to get past the sadness, anger and temptation to despair, but acting out in kindness and love for others is a blessing not only for others but for us as well.

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    1. @Sonia G Medeiros😊 I agree totally! Thank you for the lovely comment. How apt is this verse.😊 “Dress in the wardrobe God picked out for you: Compassion, Humility, quiet strength, discipline. Be even – tempered. “Colossians 3:12 Hugs and blessings to you.💕

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  6. What a beautiful post! My heart rejoices reading such great words from someone your age. I will look forward to reading more. I think we all need inspiring words such as these and the more we share the more there will be a better world for all!! Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and follow, my writing is not as good as yours, but I try my best. Love and Peace.

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  7. Loved this: “For those of us who are possibly a bit quieter, our kindness and love are really important qualities, and we should cherish those softer parts of our soul as they help us connect to other humans. ” It was a good reminder for me so THANK YOU 🙂

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  8. So true! Kindness is free. Thank you for the encouraging words. They serve to be a great daily reminder as we all encounter others. 👍🏾 Especially since we never know what is in the mind of another. My kind words will hopefully provide a positive influence to another.🙂

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  9. Kindness is indeed free! It’s a shame people often forget this. It’s easy to think I can’t give anything I have nothing to give them. Time, a shoulder, or ear to speak to can often do more than you think. Thx for sharing!

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  10. I resonate with this 1,000%. Why join negativity when you can spread positivity? As you mentioned, even a very small compliment can impact someone in a major way that they’ll remember you forever by. Thanks for the great post.

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