Never-theless, She Persisted.

Wake up early, Drink coffee, Work hard. Be ambitious. Keep your priorities straight, your mind right and head straight. Do well, live well, and dress really well. Do what you love, love what do. It is time to start living.

Inspirational quotes. What else does a girl need? This quote encapsulates everything I wanted to say. As I reflect to the many many sleepless nights and endless cups of refill coffee (trust me, little stress- ball me needs a constant reminder to breathe and chill out) Sometimes I feel that my Law Degree is also know as the Most Determined. Yes,😀 The Odds are in my favor.

I am just striving to be more than I have ever been.” This is my motto as I head back to campus. Everyday is an opportunity to improve, to be beter, to be stronger than I ever was. For me, I will become the very best version of myself. I am going to study harder than I had to. I am going to be more passionate about Law than I ever thought I was. Amidst all that, I am going to love myself and be more conscious of life’s little moments.

So friends, don’t get caught up in beating yourself up when things don’t work out the way you want them to. Take every opportunity to grow and prepare for success. Dont be afraid to grab new opportunities and take a leap of faith. Life is too big to stay in your comfort zone and fear the unknown. There are reasons why things happen and we cannot see. It just takes a lot of patience and faith in yourself as well as the timing of your goals. You may take a slight detour on your way to your goals, but you will gain some valuable life experiences on the way. You may feel like you don’t have what it takes to make it to the end. But GOD sees your unwavering faith. He answers prayers. He will take you where you are meant to be and in time you will learn to push yourself a little harder, and trust in your abilities a little stronger.

My point is wherever you are in your career endeavours, you are going to be discouraged and overwhelmed at some time. Instead of making excuses, face these disappointments, overcome your fears, and keep going at it with all that you’re got. There will always be moments of self-doubt, anxiety, and disappointments in our lives amongst the moments of confidence, positivity and success. It takes a lot of time and work to become appreciative of the person you have become.

Here’s to us, the never-giver-uppers, the doers, the dreamers, the believers and stereotype-breaking baddies. You are brave for pursuing this challenging world of Law. You are fearless in fighting your dreams. You are bold in going out of your comfort zone. Finally you are strong for holding it all together and believing in yourself.

Blessings and Love….

85 thoughts on “Never-theless, She Persisted.

  1. Hi GCD…
    Love the attitude and determination you show in your words… very inspirational for anyone to read. “The road we have travelled has led us to where we are today… Limits exist only in our minds.” It would be a quote I pass onto you this day…. You go girl…


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  2. Yess! Ya know, i really think it just takes years of being sick and tired of the same old same old! After years of this even the fearful person, if they’ve got just a tad bit of boldness, will finally step out on faith n do a new thing! Well at least this is my story…i just had to get sick and tired! Great post!

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      1. Yesss! I slack off too because I tend to get really obsessed with something when its NEW! But then i fall off n im on to another new thing! I just like dabbling in alot of stuff but that can kinda get dangerous if you never master any one skill! Boi, im just telling on myself! But I gotta be honest because I kno I can do better!

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      2. @AdrianaJ 😊 Life isn’t perfect and life isn’t fair. Your road to success may not be linear as you’d like. Setbacks and obstacles are always going to be a problem. Basically, no-ones life ever goes according to plan. (Jeremiah 29.11) Trust God. His plan is perfect. Hugs and blessings to you😊

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  3. Loved this post and your personality! This was just what I needed to turn a bad day into a great one. Also, I just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog, Happily Shivi. I really appreciate it.
    xoxo, shivali

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  4. So very wisely said! Pursue your dreams, break out of the comfort box while you are still young…. get out there and enjoy life. I stopped ‘thinking outside the box’ and started living there in 2012….and life just keeps getting more exciting!
    Thank you for finding, liking and following “”, my ‘life passion’ site.
    I love what you have going here and see you are helping many people along the way. It is my pleasure to follow you back. You are a beautiful soul and thank you.
    I also have my ‘life experience’ site, “Branching Out”

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  5. I totally agree and relate. Inspirational quotes, what else does a girl need? My phone is filled with quotes and screenshots 😂 If you ever want to read some new quotes, I have some over at Instagram and Pinterest- @being1nsane . I am sure you’ll like them! Happy Thursday! Good post 👍

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  6. Beautiful and inspirational post. I always need a good pick me up 😊 I, myself, want to go into Forensic Accounting/Fraud Examination. Will be starting in the Fall 😊 Blessings to you and your studies 🙏⚘

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  7. From just reading a few of your posts I am extremely impressed with the wisdom and maturity you possess at such a young age. (Hopefully this does not offend you) My daughter is 19, and she gets upset when I compliment her maturity based on her age. – I am in no ways saying you are a child…you are absolutely an adult. The Lord has given you many gifts, especially a sharp mind and it blesses me to see you using it to the Glory of God. You have refreshed my understanding of today’s youth. ❤️

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