Practice Makes Perfect🎹

Had a nice little introverty couple of hours this weekend – a bit of tidying (anyone else finds tidying things really therapeutic??) I’m probably one of the most neurotic, A-type personalities you’ll ever come across.😉 I love checking things off my to-do and goal lists. Everything has to be perfect, and planned and organised and neat. The truth is, it can be exhausting. (but it was mandatory and that’s all that matters) 

Also popped into a music shop and saw the most beautiful Grand Piano (practically had to be pulled away from it😯) It reminded me how much I love the piano. I’m not particularly good at playing it as I only took up playing a few years in my late teens, but at that time I practiced religiously. While I’m painfully RUSTY, it does feels good to be at it again. I feel incredibly overwhelmed that I did NOT give in or give up! Sometimes it require a little extra effort on our side to get things up and running again.

Put all your soul into it🎵play the way you feel ~ Chopin~  This quote, however, reminded me to make time for the things I love. While we can’t start out perfect at anything we can get better – with time, with practice, with patience, we will get there and maybe, just maybe all the hard work will pay off, and our dreams will become a reality.

It’s hard to put the joy of playing the piano into words. Little moments, I think are just magical. They make you realise how meaningful life can be. I often ask myself, if the Piano is worth learning. Is it possible to achieve anything? Is it a suitable hobby? Being the perfectionist, that I am (always wanting to know everything to make sure it goes according to my standards) This quote = Truth  “Have no Fear of Perfection. Youll never reach it.”  – Salvador Dali – I am reminded that I am far from perfect. We are imperfect human beings and we all need to learn to love ourselves for what we are, and everything we hope to become.

Little in life is as important as finding your purpose. I’m convinced if we could get hold of God’s purpose for us, really sense what he has for us, that would completely reshape how we see our lives. It would transform what we do with our blessings. The ultimate purpose of your life is not about you. You exist for God’s glory. I exist for God’s glory. “The heavens declare the glory of God”. 

I’ve learnt the most important lesson of all – Sometimes we live life too afraid to open our wings and shine. What if for one second we live our life, with hope, with belief that deep down we are truly deserving of happiness. We ourselves are responsible for our happiness. If you provide yourself a certain level of happiness, nobody will ever be able to take it away from you. 

We do not need magic to transform the world. We carry all the POWER we need inside ourselves ALREADY ~ J K ROWLING 

Blessings and Love…


63 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect🎹

  1. I’ve been teaching music for 50 years. I was very good on piano and trumpet. The music I am drawn back to seems new to me now. I played the Bach French Suite in college, and in re-learning this lately, I discovered that Bach added a few notes and phrases! Hahah! There were things I saw this time around that I didn’t when I was younger. There were phrasing differences I didn’t imagine when I was younger.
    I am studying some of the old testament this year, and it’s the same thing. I re-read Ruth and although it’s only 4 chapters long, and I’m using the same bible, and the questions are the same, my answers have changed. I’m seeing things this time around that I didn’t notice before.
    That’s the beauty of music! The notes and rhythms don’t change, the change is in the player. And each time you “perfect” a piece you discover something new in yourself. It will make you grow, and the next time you play the piece, it will be different!

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  2. This post is so relatable – I am a perfectionist as well, and I know how frustrating it can be ! Also, the practice makes perfect attitude is how I try to approach my favourite sport, golf, in order to improve. A great post ! 🙂

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  3. My Lord! These are literally my thoughts! Im learning to play the piano too and I often wonder on those days that Im just not playing so well, Is it even worth it?! But as you mentioned, there are those “moments.” Moments tht I do really good and i see all the progress I’ve made and it gives me hope to keep going through the imperfections! And I definitely keep doing it because I feel it has something to do with my God given purpose! I sing as well, I love worship!…Thanks so much for this awesome post! Keep it up!

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  4. Hi, amazing words of wisdom, coming from a 20-year-old. We share similar thoughts- tidying up being therapeutic, satisfaction in completing to-do lists, the love of music and reshaping our lives with faith. Lovely!

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  5. Love this as it reminds me of the Grand Piano we have in church… many can play yes and they are all amazing in their own right. Yet there are those gems in life you can not help but sit in awe as they utilize the gifts they have been given. We have one lady who has “The Gift” beyond reproach as she plays. Through her fingers the Holy Spirit drops in on the congregation during special music. Some are gifted in speaking but this lady speaks through her finger tips. We are blessed to have her in our midst…
    Never give up… let it start in the heart and after that God will speak through what you have been given…

    Hugs and Blessings

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    1. @rollyachabotbooks 😊 Wow!, A Gifted story. I can just imagine the free – flowing and personal rendition of Amazing grace that fills the church. I am in awe. What a gift. Amazing! Thank you for uplifting me.God is good! Hugs and God’s blessings back at you.😊


    1. @Kantika😊Aw,Thank you! The idea of having a room which is neat and tidy, and where you can fully relax and indulge in a quite moment, is incredibly appealing.😉Would love to follow your blog! Hugs and God bless!

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    1. @Jess😊That’s great! I’ve always been organized. Maybe it’s something I learned from my mum or a sensibility that developed on its own.😉 But somehow being neat comes somewhat naturally. And when I try to go against this, it’s a hopeless effort.(comically so)Hugs and God bless!

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  6. So very true! Thank you for that 🙂 Just a little note on you starting the piano. I play guitar and have done so for about 12 years now. I went through a phase where I was really irritated that I was average and would try to learn more complicated songs, but I would mess them up. I hate messing up and making mistakes. Eventually, I had to stop playing because I ended up losing all the joy it brought me before. After a while, I decided, screw it, and I do still practice to get better, but mostly I just play songs that I like, this has brought me a lot of joy again. I started liking it again so much that I have started playing in the church music group, I’ve been doing it for about 2 years now, and I have even started to learn more complicated things, and being more open to being kind to myself has made me enjoy that time and laugh at my mistakes rather than becoming sad about them. Go for it!!!! The piano is a beautiful instrument. One day when we have space and can afford one, I am getting one!

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    1. @danielle😊Thank you for the lovely comment. I am also in the praise and worship. I lead and sing. So happy to know that you are part of your church music group. The feeling of learning something new keeps my motivation on top! But you can only reach the level you want if you are hungry for it. I wish you luck in your music. Hugs and God bless!


  7. Great post. Oh how we too love the piano and we can’t play. What a gift you have with having learned it. There are just not enough hours in a day to do all the things we would like but Chopin’s words say it all not only about music but life “Put all your soul into it, play the way you feel”.

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    1. @usathroughoureyes😊Aw, Thank you! Playing the Piano is more like a fun activity and a fulfilling experience. For me it’s like therapy and it really helps me unwind and be! Wish I could squeeze in more time, though.😊 Hugs and God bless!

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  8. Hi GCD… what a great post this is, far too many people are caught up in the what is politically correct mode. Me I like to step out of the box and be me, just me.
    Speaking of the piano a few years back in Calgary Alberta a business placed an older upright piano on the sidewalk. Soon it became a highly decorated piece of street art. People would sit and play, some were very good, some not so. What was important is they were willing to try.
    One lunch hour the most unlikely man, a street person sat at the keys for several moments. Then he burst forth with the most amazing rendition of Lenard Cohens Alleluia. After he was done he quietly stood and walked slowly away. He would come back daily and play, never accepting anything for his talent but his love and talent blessed him and all who heard him play.
    Never be afraid to step away from what society says you should, instead embrace what you can be…

    Hugs and Blessings from Canada

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    1. @rollyachabotbooks😊Thank you for the lovely comment. What a lovely story!This really touched my heart. Kind people are my favorite people. Those that take an extra step to brighten a friend’s or strangers day and expect nothing in return. I believe in the act of paying it forward. However, kindness seems to be a lost art these days. It’s a rare gem , hidden amongst the people we pass in life. The efforts of kindness is truly doable for us all.😊 Hugs and blessings from South Africa.

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      1. Hi GCD…
        We are all capable of extending that portion of love we sometimes horde… that simple few words we speak to the cashier at the till or the person waiting in line can an will make a powerful difference in their lives. Once a heart has been blessed through a kind word or gesture it naturally compounds itself into a reality when it is paid forward… We will likely never see the end result but we can live with the assurance we have done what we are called to do…

        Hugs and Blessings back at you

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      2. @rollyachabotbooks 😊 Thank you! When we are kind we feel better about ourselves and the world we live in. Some people simply live for a hug and a smile. May God bless you more! 😊


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