Driving My First Car🚘

I’ve learnt that fear limits you and your vision. By believing in your talents, self-worth and your abilities can empower you to a greater path. Transforming fear into freedom – How great is that? 

Like ALL university  students, being able to drive is one of the cornerstones of independence and it would mean that I would develop my own wings, right?  Wrong as I was to soon discover to my utter disbelief.🙊

Now, please don’t get me wrong? I enjoy being driven around in the comfort of a luxury car, windows down, hair blowing in the breeze.😉I don’t have any problems with that – But the reality is a little different. It’s the thought of me actually driving my own car that scares me! So you can imagine my surprise when…

My dad bought me a new car and handed me the keys ” Now, let’s see what you got.” I knew I would be perfect right away, after all I did see my dad drive almost everday. 

Conscious of the beating of my heart, I checked that the gear lever was in neutral and with clutch pedal drepressed I turned the key. Engine on, clutch in, gearshift in first, then I let the clutch out. Wham! Bang! I let go off the clutch pedal in one swift motion and stalled it. And stalled. And stalled again🙊 (three times). Why is this happening?😣  I felt disappointed. My dad smiled and said ” Are you ready to learn, now.”

“Rule number one,” says my dad. ” I remember it all coming at me pretty fast, a torrent of safety guidelines….

  • “Buckle up,” Always wear a seat belt.”
  • “Turn the radio off. NO, all the way off.”
  • “Adjust your mirrors. Can you see what’s behind you? Are you sure?”
  • “Hands at 10 and 2, PLEASE* Now don’t move them.”
  • “Only use your right foot, ok? Pretend the left one is glued to the floor.” 
  •  And “Keep your eyes on the road, and go easy on the clutch!” 

I realised that driving is something that requires practice and patience, like playing an instrument or learning a new language,  and it improves over time. Whenever I get behind the wheel I think about all the hours that my DAD sat with me without complaining, twisted up like a pretzel while I jerked the family car around empty parking lots and navigated busy neighbourhood roads striving to gain my own independence. I still remember who took the time to be there for me. I feel nothing but gratitude and love. Thank you DAD. 😘 

Buckle-up. With a simple click my mind adjusts to what it remembers and already knows….Now I am ready to join the rest of the commuting world as a Safe and confident driver.

Blessings and Love…


69 thoughts on “Driving My First Car🚘

  1. Congrats!! Have fun driving your new car!! I have been driving since 1976 when I was 16 years old!!

    Praise Jesus-Yeshua Christ for Today and Everyday, HE is KING of kings and LORD ( ADONAI ) of lords, HE is the ALPHA and OMEGA, HE is the BEGINNING and the END!! Glory Glory Hallelujah and Maranatha!!

    Our ONE True GOD’S LOVE 💜💕 is ETERNAL THROUGH HIS SON Jesus-Yeshua Christ for Today and Everyday Forevermore!!

    I Love you all Everyone through Jesus-Yeshua Christ, because HE LOVED 💕💜 EVERYONE FIRST Forevermore!!

    Love Always and Shalom ( Peace ), YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

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  2. It’s great to have someone close to you teach you how to drive. 😏 Unfortunately I don’t have one. 😔 No one wants to take that risk. Maybe that is why I’m not that excited about driving. If someone try to teach me they just yell at me. 😣 They can’t be patience. I struggle for not having a car and driving. The things I have to put up with. 😢

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    1. @alostgirlandherpen😊It’s OK if you don’t have anyone to teach you driving. But DON’T give up. Giving up on driving is tantamount to giving up on yourself and your goals.You are an unique person with your own gifts and talents and no one will invest in them more than you. Believe you can do this. Challenge yourself. Push through your struggles. You can do this! God got this. Hugs and God bless!


    1. @courseofmirrors 😊 Backed your DAD’S car into a haystack! Haha!😊Yes, would definitely love to read all about your adventures with your first car. God bless!

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  3. Instructors are so patient – it was a long time ago when I was learning but my dad was always there for me with advice. Sounds like your dad is a patient sort of guy. Can I please venture to add one more thing. PLEASE don’t use your phone whilst driving, we hear of so many deaths ( both drivers and pedestrians ) from drivers being distracted by the use of phones.

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    1. @Richard😊Thank you so much Richard for the lovely advice. It is duly noted. I agree, texting and driving or the use of cellphone whilst driving is a significant problem and is dangerous and pervasive. The evidence is irrefutable. Cellphone whilst driving is a No-No. God bless!!!

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    1. @Christy B 😊 Aw,Thank you Christy. I’m sure I will. My dad did give me the gift of confidence and self-love and those are invaluable no matter where I go in life. God bless!

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    1. @Anna Waldherr 😊 Aw, Thank you Anna. I’m glad your dad taught you to drive too. Actually I am lucky to have my dad’s tough rules and guidance. I appreciate his(mostly )fair judgement talks, some I can still debate.😊I can now laugh at those almost teary driving lessons and I am thankful for him pushing me. I am confident because of my dad. I know he is proud of me. Hugs! God bless!

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  4. When I took my first driving test it was in a standard gearshift car. I settled into the seat, adjusted the mirrors, and put the car into first gear. I could not understand why it wouldn’t go anywhere. Then I realized I had not started the car!!! The driving examiner was very kind. He just old me to take a deep breath and then start over again. I did and it all went well and I passed.

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    1. @anne leueen 😊 Aw, thank you Anne! Yes, my first lesson went pretty well. I remember putting on my seat belt and adjusting my mirrors too, getting the feel of the car, with an unshakeable smile on my face. What an awesome feel. Hugs! God bless!


  5. I’m sure your dad was happy to be twisted up like a pretzel (this made me chuckle!) so that he could be the one to help you with driving and be the one to get you your first car. It’s definitely about patience and practice and gaining confidence, which you’ll get before you know it! 🙂

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    1. @Invisible Me😊Aw, Thank you! Yes, he did suffer through hours upon hours of practice. I actually believe that his foot might of involuntarily kept pressing down on an imaginary brake.😉But, it was important that he was there for me. God bless!

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  6. Yep!! It took me my whole first lesson to even move the car!! My dad also thought me and we had trips that ended in screams and tears!! It all worked out in the end and as they say practice makes perfect!! You’ll get there buttercup just keep the faith. You won’t know yourself when you’ve got it all set and hitting the open road all by yourself!! A huge milestone!! Well done and keep going xx

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    1. @Mrs.S LDN😊Aw, Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Mastering the art of three-point turns, parallel parking and reversing around the corner is just the beginning. This is so true! The true test of driving ability comes with a first solo-experience. Its a nerve -wracking experience. The saying ‘Practice makes Perfect’ is so apt. Hugs! God bless!

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      1. @Mrs.S LDN 😊 Aw,Thank you! Parallel Parking can be a bit overwhelming. I need lots of practice to perfect it. Will get there! Hugs!!! God bless!

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    1. @vapor_sage😊So true, at first it seemed hard, but after some practice I can finally drive with confidence. The art of driving (though)is a continuously improving process . You never fully learn but learn enough. I’m still a work-in-progress. God bless!

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    1. @Mark 😊My dad is exceptional. Actually, he made my driving lessons so easy and fun. I consider myself so lucky to have a dad who has gone above and beyond his role. I glow with pride. God bless!!

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