We Are Our Choices💡

Destiny is a feeling you have that you know something about yourself nobody else doesThe picture you have in your own mind of what youre about will come true.” ~ BOB DYLAN

A vlog of my day-to-day life would be pretty much unwatchable.😞It consists of studying, band practice and making weird goofy faces while cramming obscene tons of information into my brain. In the last two years of my life, not much has changed superficially, but the growth I’ve experienced has been tremendous. I can’t help thinking about where I am and what it all means.

There have been moments when I’ve been on top of the world.  There have been moments when I’ve asked myself why I even wanted this to begin with. And there have been countless “Sure, I’ll just keep swimming.” – moments.

As I continue my journey through Law school, here are some important things I have learnt thus far and some pointers I wish someone would have given me two years ago. 

Your life might be totally different from what you had imagined it to be.  Don’t lose heart. Focus on your studies but PLEASE DO also put yourself out there and try to make new friends. It’s nice to have a good support system from others, but ultimately your drive needs to come from within you. In the words of Brené Brown “Stay in your own Lane.” Comparison isn’t only the thief of joy, it’s the thief of everything. Am I right?

There will be days when you don’t even like going to University, let alone love it. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t for you. It just means you are human. We all have our bad days. A bad day does not equal a bad life. One bad test score, one frustrating attempt at assignments, you don’t understand….these are small things in the grand scheme of it all. Take the lessons and move on. Remember, Google is your friend, as long as you Google with some knowledge and common sense.😉

In a world so focused on the “go,go,go” taking a rest when you need to is seen as a rebellious act. I’ve experienced this hands on. Sometimes it’s better to sleep and show up well rested, than to stay up late studying. (One of my lifelong struggles)😉But we need to rethink our perceived path to success. Leave no room for negativity or complaining or worrying. Let your attitude radiate all positive vibes!!! Law of attraction right? 

Because those who don’t rest, burn-out and ironically life doesn’t throw you a fancy dress party to celebrate your burn-out.  *aha moments* right there.😊 This quote = mood “Today take a look at you. Be proud of all that you do and all that you are.~ Heather Stillufsen 

Alright fellow NERDS, don’t forget to take care of YOU throughout this process. It’s a JOURNEY that takes TIME, SACRIFICE and HARD WORK. You are not in this alone – know your worth and capabilities. You got this.😊Good Luck! God Bless!

Keep the attitude and start booming right there!

Blessings  XOXO


55 thoughts on “We Are Our Choices💡

  1. A fantastic post, and I definitely agree with how resting seems to be a “rebellious act”; it’s become negative to be seen to be looking after yourself, not focusing on being busy and ‘doing’, which is very counterproductive. Well said! x

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  2. Thank you for following my blog 🙂 I shared this post with my daughter-in-law in Idaho who is in her last year of college with our son while having her hands full raising our 2 year old grandson 🙂 Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I look forward to reading more of your posts 🙂 God Bless ❤

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    1. @WaltPage😊Thank you, kind Sir! I wish your daughter -in-law all the best in her studies. Its not easy , but I believe she can do it. Yes she can! God bless you too! ❤


  3. Thank you for following my blog, it is a pleasure.
    Yes, we all have choices to make, they can be momentous or seemingly small. All affect each other.
    We can let our heart grow bright by accepting in only the positive and loving thoughts…….have no track with
    hatred and anger. Above all, let your spirit soar free as you go about your studies, work, leisure time…..

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  4. I can still recall how I was falling asleep at the desk and woke up just before going to the University. That was roughly 35 to 40 years ago. However, life showed later it’s not only our choice how we walk through life. There are also such things as being in the wrong place at the wrong time or something similar. Or not having resources for turning intentions into something realistic. Or facing the consequences of the long gone past. Experiencing side-effects of moving too fast ahead. That type of thing. Well, we think, and God does, meaning we can hope that our efforts result in what we expect , but that is not always the case.
    Studying is a hard work. I believe it really helps when one loves what they are studying.

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    1. @Artiste Inese Poga😊Thank you for your lovely comment. Yes, I believe in working hard. Confucious once said ” Our greatest glory is in never failing but in rising every time we fail.” That is why I do my best to handle all the pressure and demands which are part of completing my degree. I am also highly motivated by the competitive nature of the field I have chosen. It’s not easy but I love what I’m studying. I am excited for the future.😊 God Bless!


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