Berg and Bliss

There is always something about holidays that put me in a buoyant, cheerful, and happy-go-lucky type of mood (which holidays are suppose to do, Right?)

In a world gone mad, I have found myself caught by the inescapable vise of Nostalgia. Now there’s a trend.  The anticipation of a pleasant holiday is enough to light up the right areas of my brain. Who doesn’t love a good holiday? For me it’s a time to rest my weary soul and shed the anxieties that steals my joy. Ha-ha😉

“A scene gazed upon by angels in their flight.” And indeed there is no greater truth or better way to describe this place of exceptional beauty.  Drakensberg is by far one of my favourite holiday destinations, probably for a few reasons. The weather is always perfect.💨Lets be honest now, the weather at home is less than reliable and when you’re away (all being well) you expect the weather to behave.

While it is easy to sing the cold weather blues. Here the forecast is lamentably free of 36 degree days. The sun is an occasional visitor. Everywhere you turn is a picture opportunity.  It’s so photogenic. We clicked in some fabulous pictures and not to mention our never-ending pouty selfies. It was such fun.😉 

Need I mention the snow? Right on Cue. Mother nature delivers a smack of snow and cold. The scene outside our resort window had turned decidedly wintery, which is really awe-inspiring.  The ritual of wrapping up in a warm blanket and sipping a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows is just part of the fun of a snowy adventure.  I don’t know why? But hot chocolate adds a little hygge to my life, though!😀And maaaan am I ready for all the hot chocolate fueled days to come.

Frozen fingers, soaked socks, and having to take a hot shower for twenty minutes ( just to warm up) from the cold outside.* PRICELESS*   I love the goosebumps that comes from the bitter wind that hits your legs and hands. OH, and the indoor fireplace (visable and tangible source of comfort) Seriously enough said. But NOW we’re squarely in winter- jersey-hats-and-mittens territory. 

Psalm 51:7 says “Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.” Whiter than snow? I walked around in awestruck wonder at this incredible truth. The amazing stillness is almost touchable. Few places on earth exert such magnetic, fathomless beauty.

36 degree days? Who needs them?😉

Blessings and Love


10 thoughts on “Berg and Bliss

  1. Yes, when life loads the stress on us day after day, there is no way to stop the time machine. A little vacation allows us to escape and temporary put a stop on the stress and let us breathe, a rest for the soul, that is so true! Thank you for stopping by my post! Blessings to you!! Miriam

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    1. @forgivingjournal:-)Thank you so much Debbie. I’m glad you enjoyed your holiday too. Taking a vacation is a fantastic form of escapism. Feeling the energy vortex in #Drakensberg was amazing. I am now super charged 🙂 God Bless!!!

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