A Little Bit Of Chaos

“Life is nothing without a little chaos to make it interesting” ~  Amelia Atwater-Rhodes 

We all have a choice. Either we choose to be filled with sorrow and despair, or we play with the cards we’re  dealt with and choose happiness.  By choosing happiness we get to channel our struggles and use them as fuel to get one step closer to our goal…. 

Do you ever find yourself curled up in your pajamas, ensconced in your warm blanket, binging on Netflix movies or staring wisfully out the window, as you wonder where the ‘weekend’ went?  Well, I did none of these things😉 ( except wonder where my weekend went)

As a student in the throes of exam process, It’s definitely a time of nail biting, hand wringing  and intermittent cry sessions.  Anytime I sit down to study and think “ugh, I have to do x, y, and z.”I try to reframe it. Because I don‘t have to do this, but get to do this. I feel so incredibly blessed.

In life you have to collect all those moments and experiences that made you choose your career and keep them in a box in the back of your mind. When things get tough, these are the things that will recharge your batteries. 

As a goal setting, type A student, many of us aren’t used to royally failing when we throw all our effort into a goal. I don’t say that to be boastful. I believe that good of determination and hardworking will outlast easily – despite  the odds.

My coping mechanism these days has been to focus on studying. And do you know what?  I found myself enjoying the challenge. Yes, studying can be draining, boring and time consuming  (and any other dismal adjective you like to insert) I have to say I did pretty well, studying for three hours straight. Although, my concentration was only compromised by the fact that I kept a careful eye on my laptop in case it inevitably ran out of juice.😉 I’m truly proud of my hard work, and that’s a great feeling!

There has been many opportunities where I felt like giving up or throwing in the towel. – but then I realise it’s only human. Things may seem daunting and overwhelming at times, but then it is only to prepare you for what is to come. Trials and tribulations are what builds us into the incredible people we are today! Everybody stumbles.  Everybody has roadblocks – but handling these challenges with grace is what sets you apart from others.

And in the end, it’s no one life but YOURS!   You are entitled to success.  But you have to earn it always. Recognise your dedication and always celebrate your decision to pursue your goals – despite the odds.  Nothing worth having comes easy.  Have the fire to be unstoppable. You’re on your own. Be Your own.

As the incomparable Emerson said… “The only person you are Destined to become is the person you Decide to be.”~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Blessings and Love…



40 thoughts on “A Little Bit Of Chaos

  1. What a beautifully inspiring post. Absolutely nothing worth having comes easy. The harder you have to work to reach a goal, the more you treasure and value it. You look back to where you started & give yourself a high-five for every roadblock or obstacle you’ve overcome. Sweeeet! 🙂

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    1. @Letisha Bloomfield😊Thank you for your beautiful comment. I’m glad you like this post. You really are inspiring too. God bless!


    1. @mwangimtrue😊Thank you! I’m glad I inspired you. Even though things may seem overwhelming and daunting, keeping a positive attitude will get you THROUGH! God bless!

      Liked by 1 person

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