You CAN do this

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re right” ~ Henry Ford When I stumbled upon this quote, I knew it would serve as an honest introduction for this post. This quote = mood.

As the end of the semester is winding down – everything is starting to pile up. I find that my time management skills always come into scrutiny. “How do I utilise or manage my time properly?” I’ve been thinking this – along with some of my friends crying out about how stressed we all are.

Amidst assignments, tests, tutorials, lectures and “midterms”  As any normal student I am starting to push myself and my *brain* is literally starting to go a little crazy. But, I have faith that I can get through this. And this scripture comes to mind: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11.1 (kjv)

When you think about it. We are our harshest critic. We all think we should work harder, study longer, read more, learn more, etc… For me, it was just the adjustment at first and then I got used to the long days, late nights, the leg cramps, the eye twitches and the aggressive yawns.

You simply don’t know how to feel*yawn*after sitting in lectures for four to six hours and then going to the library to re-learn the material until you go to sleep and repeat the next day. And then balancing what you’ve  learnt and what you need to review in order to prepare for the upcoming exams. I came to a realisation that I am not the only student sitting in the library thinking this: How am going to do this – EVERYONE is thinking it. 

Unfortunately, stress is an unavoidable part of being a student. Therefore the best thing to do is NOT to avoid stress BUT learn how to manage it. Get ADEQUATE SLEEP . Pretty self-explanatory, but so undervalued. You owe it to yourself. Stop the glorification of overworking. You deserve more rest.😉 Take REGULAR BREAKS, Move more. And I don’t necessarily mean in the gym, Stand up, Walk around. Say NO to escalators and elevators. Take the stairs. Your body will thank you for this. EAT WELL, Stop the extremes. Stop the restricting. Go on. Have that extra slice of *yummilicious*chocolate cake without thinking of adding to your waistline.😉 Remember “You are wonderfully made exactly as you are.” 

Allow yourself to enjoy some of the best things that life has to offer. Live your life to the fullest. Otherwise you may forget what you are studying for. And as difficult and overwhelming as this semester may be. It’s a short-lived phase. AND you know those things that you just need to hear sometimes? Like you’re doing great and this is tough but YOU CAN DO THIS, and you are totally, absolutely enough? You’re allowed to say those things to yourself.

I’m going to keep my motivation and positive attitude high…I hope you do too!!!

Blessings and Love…


34 thoughts on “You CAN do this

  1. Fantastically motivational and the message to take care of yourself, that you’re wonderfully made as you are and that you can do this are great life lessons whatever age you are and whatever life circumstances you’re going through 🙂

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  2. All really good advice. I will add my two cents’ worth: try to see greenery. If you can tale a walk outside, where you can see grass and trees and anything green, it will help lift your mood. Studies have shown that, and it makes perfect sense that contact with oxygen-producing nature helps lift our mood.

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  3. You can do this! I really believe you can, let this be used as a testimony, every form of self-improvement, every obstacle, every damn fight we have to face let it be for God’s glory. The greater the sacrifice, the greater the victory, so keep on beliveing​ because above all He believes in you!

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    1. @vapor-sage 😊 As Theodore Roosevelt said, ” Believe you can, and you are half way there.” I believe ‘You’ve got this – I know you do.’ Good luck. God Bless!

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  4. You have to talk yourself up because people are busy living their lives and they may not remember to remind you of how awesome you are so you do need to remind yourself and be your own inspiration! Yes you can!

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  5. Thank God all suffer same pain at this point of time… I thought I am the only one.. 😜 Anyways each and every word is true about the post…it is fact..
    Thanks for motivation.. And all the best to you too 😊

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