It’s My FIRST(1) Blogiversary

Is it me or is 2017 going by extremely quickly? Just like that, it’s April. My emotions have eased and my spirits are high again.  I’m ready for a new month and a new season….

It also helps that APRIL is my best month.;) My favorite month at that. Why is this? Well for one, it’s my Birthday month! And friends, Today is  my birthday. Hellooo TWENTY, Now, that’s a milestone. Annnnd It’s also happens to be my FIRST(1) Blogiversary. How cool is that.:)  

Even at the risk of being extremely soppy, I’m gonna take this opportunity  of wishing my blog ( A Happy FIRST Birthday, on my birthday, though slightly early.;) (Ok, the risk of soppiness is not an actual risk. It’s a reality!) Sometimes a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do.😉

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. I’m so blessed to have met the most incredible human beings here! You make my day with every sweet comment you kindly write. I appreciate them all. I will continue to spread the love, motivation and hope to you across the world.💕

Sending a very big  THANK YOU for following my journey ❤                                               

Blessings and Love….


63 thoughts on “It’s My FIRST(1) Blogiversary

  1. OK I’m a little late, and still, Happy anniversary! That’s such an amazing accomplishment. I love the focus of love on your blog. So important. Blessings to you and everyone on this blog. Debbie PS – your blogversary was right at my birthday! (April 4) 😊

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