Good Morning,Sunshine🔆

I’m hoping to nail just about the right balance of being enthusiastic and motivated but I’m just a tad bit below obnoxiously *chipper.*

You see friends, I honestly try to be a morning person. I routinely wake up at 5:00 -5:15 am, for university. However, I’m NOT  lazy and I’m definitely  NOT a night owl. Mornings may be rough, but I hold off on sleeping in. I’ve come to understand that not everyone shares the same disposition as me, during those obnoxious hours.:?

However, try as I might, it seems no matter how early I set my alarm, I always end up wrestling with the snooze button.(one too many times) And, I know it’s basically un-human to not hit snooze.😩 I somehow slip away as I catch another 5-10 minutes of my Zzzs in my cloud of warm mattress hugging me.

After much thought,this all came as a revelation to me.You see, my gift for ignoring my alarm clock was not only perfectly virtuous, but is something I inherited.*ahem* It’s in my genes. (Pun intended, I blame my Dad!😴)Sorry Dad!;)

So I programmed my alarm to play “All star ” by Smash Mouth every morning. (Yes, for me that’s fun) By waking up to Smash Mouth singing I felt more optimistic and proactive and it became my biggest incentive to get up and get things done in the morning. And research has shown that your willpower is strongest in the early A.M. This manifests itself in that “Ugh, it’s 5:00 am, and I don’t feel like getting up feeling.”

Anywho, however *GOOD* sleep may be.  I need my *quiet time* for God. Yes, I like to meditate on God’s word,by reflecting on God’s goodness. I speak affirmations for myself, my family and others.  Whatever I need, I declare it. And, by meeting with God everyday, I have become closer to God, living in his grace, growing in his holiness and maturing in my understanding of his Word.:)

For the most part I am totally accepting the fact that I’m neither a lark nor a night owl but happily right in between.;)So , don’t let a little drowsiness interrupt seizing the day! There are perks to waking up with the sun.🔆It turns out that the early bird will get more than the worm.

A great cup of Latte + God’s  Word = A great way to start the day. Enjoy!!!

Blessings and Love….


10 thoughts on “Good Morning,Sunshine🔆

    1. @Christy B 😊 Thank you Christy. Low 🔑 obsessed with coffee.☕May your cup overflow with love, peace and awesomeness. Have a great weekend. God bless!


  1. 5am? Seriously ? To the strains of Smashmouth? Oh dear – fraid that’s much too early for me. But then, I don’t have to get up and go to work anymore so I can catch some more zzz’s in the comfort of my warm bed. I’m glad you enjoy your mornings.
    Thank you for the follow of my blog. May your path be filled with love and blessings.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. @Soul Gifts😊 Aw, thank you for sharing your love and your heart. I appreciate your thoughts and the follow.God Bless!😘


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