Chasing Your Dream(s)

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you, and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”Jeremiah  29:11

When it comes to goals, plans,to-do-lists, etc, I usually know exactly what I want. I want to graduate from University and be successful.  I want to BELIEVE it is that easy. I want to BELIEVE that I can make it happen…

BUT I cannot do it on my own… You see, God wants us to bring our desires and dreams to him.  When we don’t, our accomplishments turn into this attitude “Its all about me.” We become prideful and boastful. And let’s be honest now, no one enjoys being around someone who likes to brags and boast about themselves. Am I Right?

I love checking things off my to-do and goal lists. It helps to keep a vision of the future I want in my mind and then to think about how, what I’m doing now will help get me there. It’s a light at the end of the tunnel but also helps me remember what is important. You know, it’s like constantly asking yourself, “Will what I’m doing now, or what I’m upset about now, matter to me in 10 years?” This helps keep me motivated and positive!

Life is the most difficult exam you’ll never stop taking. Sure, my  DREAM is big, scary and sometimes almost impossible to achieve. (unless you’re composed of 1% of brilliant Einstein- esque minds out there;)) Climbing the literal academic mountain of Law isn’t easy.  It means you have to throw your energy and life purpose in that direction. Lets be real, I am just an ordinary girl trying to find my place in a world bound by social norms in order to make my dreams come true.

To me, being a Lawyer,is the only profession that I find myself loving (with the most intense, and fiery passion) But to break it down, all dreams come with a standard principle: WORK HARD and STAY PERSISTENT. Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded as to why we have to work so hard towards our degree, Phd  or Masters. Am I Right?

But SUCCESS also needs FAITH. You cannot do it on your own. Sometimes when I’m overwhelmed I take a moment, humble myself, get down on my knees (Kneeology) close my eyes and say “LORD, I look to you. I won’t be overwhelmed. Give me the vision to see things like you do.” Yes, I talk to God. I ask BOLDLY, BELIEVINGLY, and without a second thought. I tell him everything, and hold back nothing. Whatever makes me scared, whatever I’m unsure of, whatever worries me – I tell God about it. He is my best Buddy. My anchor! My strength! My everything!

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalms 37:4  When you put fourth your best effort in all that you do, remember God has heard your prayer(s) and has an amazing plan ready for your life. God knows exactly what He’s about.  He knows what his thoughts are and what he’s going to do. – all according to his will.

Take a step back, breathe in and try again. And let your father keep you above the waves.🌊

Blessings and Love…


18 thoughts on “Chasing Your Dream(s)

  1. There are times when law school — like life — is a sheer grind. No joy, no sense of achievement. But that is a lesson in itself. The law will often require that we fight giants against whom we are clearly outmatched, and persevere when all hope is gone. The grind is preparation for that. It builds muscle a/k/a determination/discipline/strength of character in the same way trials build faith. ❤

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