With Love from My Closet To Yours

Maybe it’s a girl thing or maybe it’s just a “ME” thing….

You know those days? When you stare into the abyss of your closet, sucked into that black hole called…”I have nothing to wear” slash “not leaving the house” slash “questioning everything about your life” kind of day. 

You rummage through your piles of clothes, sliding past blouse after blouse, skirt after skirt and throwing up your hands exclaiming, “I  have nothing  to wear?” Every women knows this feeling.:( How can that even be possible?

WHY is getting dressed so hard? I mean, obviously I could see that I DID have plenty of things to wear. Right? There are countless of tee shirts, blouses, jackets and dresses and jeans…Oh, the jeans.  I blame my sartorial eye. Seems like I’m strugglebussing my way through fashion life? Really!!!😩

Often times its accompanied by a clueless male, like my dad or my brother scratching or shaking their head, walking away with *here she goes again* smirk on their face. And then my mum YELLS, “You’re crazy! Look at  ALL of those beautiful clothes” What are you complaining about? And you respond with a quick meaningful look that explains that she has no idea what she’s talking about… *insert eye roll emojii here*

To all those perfect, flawless and fashionable ladies out there who can’t relate, *I’M SORRY*  But as for the rest of us ladies , who are similarly wardrobe  challenged. (I’m sure I speak for many) Please know that you are not alone! Getting dressed feels like such a tedious chore.😂 I wish I could wear my pajamas all day, every day.

GOD-CONFIDENCE is the best outfit,  Rock it and own it. So, the next time you go to your closet, put on a beautiful dress, SMILE and do a little TWIRL. Remember, Proverbs 31:25 says “She is clothed in STRENGTH and DIGNITY; she can LAUGH  at the days to come.” 

Wear what makes you happy and be CONFIDENT, and take on the world like a SUPERSTAR!  At the end of each day when you step out,  look at what God is doing for you in your life and know that you are clothed in strength, dignity and grace. 

Let’s work on becoming the women God created us to be. One step at a time.:)

Blessings and Love….


35 thoughts on “With Love from My Closet To Yours

  1. I love this! Unless I choose my clothes the night before, I am always staring into that abyss. Recently I had the idea of photographing my favorite outfits and putting them on Pinterest, so that I always have a go-to. Now, what to wear to start that project? 😉

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  2. @asoulonarise 😊Thank you for the lovely comment. I appreciate your perspective. You are beautiful inside and out .much love💕God bless!!!


  3. At first, I was like, “yes, this happens to girls everyday” n that’s what made me curious… but how u concluded is amazing… recognizing our real beauty is important, and that doesn’t come from our clothes… If we are beautiful inside, everything’s gonna look good on us.

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  4. Great post❤️
    It is so funny, because just yesterday I wore a jumper that I felt really confident in! I actually even started making a song up as I walked around my neighborhood…” I am a woman on a mission for God”! I felt strong and bold!!
    “We are ALL supermodels. We model for the One who is super!!”

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