Jealous Much?

Have you ever been jealous? *raises hand slowly* – EXACTLY  – I’ll be honest with you both literally and metaphorically, correct me if I’m wrong but *Jealousy sucks*. And to be quite frank, we all have it brewing. After all, who hasn’t had a brush with this potentially explosive emotion in some way?

What is jealousy, you may ask ? Well, jealousy is a “would-rather-not-have-it emotion” that occurs in our life from time to time.* The Green eyed monster*. In actual fact this green eyed monster of jealousy forces us into wishing we had much more and clouds our eyes from counting our blessings. Jealousy is a beast. It hungrily devours our peace, steals our joy and stops us from living a peaceful and happy life.

But jealousy is part of the human condition, right? I remember a friend from high school, a heartbreakingly beautiful girl who incited much envy from other girls (I will be honest and admit that I was often intimidated by her beauty) Her crime?  She let her  beauty shine:  She wore make-up, curled her hair and dressed stylishly. When the  other girls spoke about her beauty behind her back,  they would whisper ‘But she wears tons of make-up’  as if that could magically explain away her beauty.

No matter how much we might try to avoid it, we are living in a not-so-perfect world. One of the biggest areas of jealousy is comparison. I know, right?  She’s….much more prettier….definately more smarter….way more funnier….unbelievably richer….The queen of popularity….(insert your own particular choice of jealousy here.) I wish I had/was that. Stop!!! *redlight*.

This competitive  drive – Am I beautiful? Am I pretty? How pretty ? – keeps us from honouring our unique beauty. You don’t have to change and be more like someone else. Everyone is unique.  This is important. Surely there will be someone ahead of you in any or every aspect of your life. BUT no one in this world is like YOU. The most beautiful woman I can be is….ME

OH, the world is filled with endless supply of things that can spark jealousy. BUT, Jealousy is time.  Why spend time being unhappy and dwelling on the things you don’t have?  The truth is we live amongst jealous and insecure people in the world who are critical because….WELL…That’s the way they are.  It is inevitable. You cannot change them.

Jealousy is a disease. Shoo it away, likes it’s an annoying 🐉

Get well, Soon!!!

Blessings and Love…


13 thoughts on “Jealous Much?

  1. Good post. The other side is the damage that is done by people that are jealous. What is the object of the jealousy supposed to do–hide her beauty, her intelligence, her athletic abilities? Jealousy leads to bullying and hate and both are so UGLY and HURTFUL!

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    1. @lghiggins😊Yes, Jealousy does have the tendency to become very intense at times. I agree. It also makes a person feel inadequate too. Amazing how it can encapsulates so much sadness. Thank you for reading xo

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  2. You write beautifully…!!
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    There is no compulsion to accept it.
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