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The life of a bookworm might not be dramatic or edgy, but it’s definitely full of adventures. Becoming enthralled  in the literary going-ons beneath your nose can make for a pretty exciting day. Here’s eight (8) frequently asked questions of all time.  Enjoy!!

  • What book is on your nightstand right now?

Right now it’s  HEAVEN by RANDY ALCORN,  I usually keep more than one book on my nightstand.  I like to read two or more books at the same time but, right now it’s just this one.

  •   What was the last great book that you read?

This is kind of hard to answer. A ‘truly’ great book has to be something special,(my bible) something that I love through and through, and have no problems with whatsoever.

  • Do you remember the last book you put down before reading?

The Raven by Sylvain Reynard

  • What book do you have and always meant to read and haven’t  gotten around to yet? Anything you feel embarrassed never to have read?

Shame on me.  I have not read the whole Harry Potter Series *Tomatoes, gets thrown on stage*  BUT WAIT LET ME EXPLAIN!!! I was meant to read this series for ages, and I actually wanted to finish it, but University got in my way and I did not have the energy to finish it. However, I shall conquer the last book . *I promise*. It’s also fair to assume that along with seven other various books I am reading at any given time, a Harry Potter book is probably sitting somewhere in that stack, ready to be thumbed through and devoured for the ten millionth time. I not even sorry about it.;)

  • Disappointing, overrated, just not yours.  What book did you feel you was supposed to like but didn’t?   

I think I am only able to fully judge a book when I am completely done with it. I didn’t like The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I went into the book FULLY expecting to love it, but I guess the writing was not for me, sadly.

  •  If you could meet any writer – dead or alive – who could it be?  And what would you want to know?

This is so hard for me to answer, as I have many favourite authors (seriously, like hundreds)  but I think I would love to meet J.K Rowling, just once.  I wouldn’t necessary ask her a lot of things, just chat about her upcoming book to see if I can get anything out of her AND maybe ask for a selfie.:)

  • How do you organise your personal library?

Well, I am a tad bit obsessed(OCD) with organization. Right now, my books are colour coded.;)I love it. (So me!!!) It is a completely functonal bookshelf, cool and stylish too. My books seem to multiply when I’m not looking.  Not that I really mind.😍

  •   What kind of stories are you drawn too?  Any you stay clear of?

Fantasy is my favourite  genre.  I love to get sucked into a completely fictional world, and just get lost in it.  I love medieval settings, spells, potions and dresses and to me that is the best thing in the world! However, I must admit to liking contemporary stories once in a while. Technically you can say I read everything I can get my hands on.  What I don’t reach for though are thrillers and detective stories. I am seriously* not interested* in those kind of genres.


13 thoughts on “Books, Conversation Questions📚

  1. @TheGodlyChicDiaries this is awesome – love these 8 questions and relate to them completely! Plus I always love to see what other’s are reading! Lol I think I’d be lost without books and the ability they give us to escape into other lands, universes, and ages not to mention allowing one to peer through a window, as it were, into the lives of people who have help shape history itself, changed science and medical practice, created/destroyed governments, and given a voice to the otherwise speechless such as the book I’ve just started now, by Dr. Jane Goodall “In The Shadow Of Man”, about her work with chimpanzees from the very start. Speaking of which lol I hear it calling me now! Lol Thank you so very much for posting this! Lady Anne ^^ö^^

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    1. @Craig😊Thank you! The book HEAVEN is life- changing.We all have questions about what heaven will be like. Dr Randy helps you picture Heaven the way scripture describes it. It definately changed my perspective on life. This book is about real people and close relationships with God. His ability to transport the reader is somewhat superb. I highly recommend it. God bless!!!


    1. Hi @lghiggins I find it aesthetically pleasing when everything is organised in colours. That’s the nerd in me lol😄… Your way sounds pretty cool too!

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