Change is Good…

Looking back to 2016, so much has happened and changed so quickly. New friends, new goals,new places, new technology, new opportunities…

This year(2017) is going to be exciting, breathtaking and also terryfying all at once. This path of my Life is definitely going to be thrilling, dangerously alive, bursting with electric colours, buzzing, flickering with new opportunities and hordes of second chances. I find myself twisting and turning constantly, simultaneously full of fear and joy.

It’s scary, not knowing what lies ahead or what could happen as I take on the next big step. I know this road is going to be treacherous but worthwhile. All of these opportunities are full of “what ifs” and theoretical spins on how it could also go awry. In whatever difficult situation you are faced with, know that you will eventually grow and come back stronger, wiser, better and more capable. Seize every moment of every day, and be able to look back and say “I lived.”

As I watch my life get richer and more rewarding, I see all these hard choices and scary decisions that I have to make, really just a pathway to something greater and better. Sometimes the greatest risks reap the biggest rewards. BUT If I have GOD I will definately move forward because I know I serve a God of miracles. When favor is on your life, no matter what you are thrown in, you’ll always rise to the top.

“God’s got this” – I have those three words as a constant reminder and comfort. Those three words are my forever mantra. Whenever I’m down, worn out or feel like giving up. This phrase helps me to get through my day. It is etched into my beating heart, tattooed upon my tongue and burned into my brain. “God Got This ” will forever sit in my soul, simmering , and stirring a fire of determination and hope. This flame can’t be put out. No matter what.

When you’re having a wholly, never-ending, tragically terrible, horrifyingly no-good , monster of a day. Remember “God Got this.”

Keep dreaming, keep smiling, keep shining, keep praying and keep hoping.;)



17 thoughts on “Change is Good…

  1. When we have any kind of obstacle, i am sure the obstacle is the way to discover something greater, through obstacles we learn, and we get stronger, because what it was left behind is something that it is possible to make the very good change in our life that an even better life ever happen to us. Great post!

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  2. Hi @dwdirwin😊 It’s good to hear that you are cancer free. All Praises to God. I thank God for his word, because it gives us great Hope, encourages us to never settle and always strive to improving ourselves…Be Blessed ‘beautiful’..much love.


  3. Another one like it that helped me is “let go and let God”. I was diagnosed and treated for leukemia last year and praise God, I am cancer free. Throughout treatment and even now when I worry, I think “let go and let God” and “God’s got this” and it gives me peace. It’s so good to hear you found this so early in your life- it took my diagnosis to finally “get it”. Blessings!

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  4. I like your mantra “God’s got this.” Things don’t always turn out the way WE want them to, but God is always there for us if we have chosen to put our life in His hands. 2017 will be a great year for you because God is there for you always and God is good always.

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