Dear Mum and DadπŸ’‘

At this point of my life, I’m considered an adult. Yes, maybe sometimes I don’t act completely like it, but that’s part of life, right? As I’m growing up, I realize just how much sacrifices you have made for me. And, for that I am eternally grateful. 

How do I put in words the enormous gratitude I have for everything that you have done for me, whether it is the way you comforted me when I was down or the way in which your hugs magically wiped out my frowns…Mum and dad, you have been there day after day to make sure my life turned out this way. 

Dad, thank you for the inspiring heart to heart talks, for always picking me up from campus, for closing your business(even if it meant losing customers) and for working around my time, so that I could be on time for my exams. Thank you, DAD for teaching me how to live my life. You taught me to follow the path of honesty and integrity and not to be afraid of anything that comes my way. I can proudly say that I have a dad who has taught me that nothing is impossible when you live by prayer, walk in faith and trust in God’s unfailing love. Thanks a million *insert thousands of  hearts*for also reminding me of what I’m capable of and for building a dream to chase after. DAD, I LOVE YOU.

Mum, thank you for your warm and encouraging words, your love and patience and for having my favourite food ready when I come home from campus. You never fail to amaze me. Thank you for your warm personality…for sharing your love of life, sense of humour, ability to befriend a stranger and courage to look fear directly in the face until it backs down. You are like a * Goddess of Sacrifice* because you just know when someone needs your help even if it means sacrificing your own happiness. Your character truly speaks volumes. MUM, I LOVE YOU.

Here we are at year’s end. Just a few hours now, and I look back over the year and  For all these things, and more, I give thanks and have gratitude. I know I will grow up to be the best, because I’ve been raised by the best.
Mum and dad…I love you so much❀

Your one and only daughter…..Junaisha



76 thoughts on “Dear Mum and DadπŸ’‘

  1. Parents are awesome the sacrifices they make putting us first. Doesn’t matter how old you get they will always be supportive and back you in. And I terms of supposed to be an adult, it’s all lies when you get older you realise it’s all pretend 🀣

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  2. What a lovely piece and so nice to read even from a parental point of view rather than a child. To think that hopefully one day I could make such an impact as a mother to my children. It’s always the little things which count most!

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  3. Thanks for letting us in on such a lovely love letter to parents. We owe them so much we can never repay. The best we can do is hope we inspire the same in our children. -Robert

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  4. Thank You for the kind words @bad301…Yes,I truly am Blessed …They bring absolute joy and love to my…The force is strongπŸ’•


  5. WOW! You are very fortunate to have 2 loving parents these days. It sounds like they have given you the tools that you need to conquer this thing we called life. You can do this! Keep your head up and remember bumps that come in your way just make you become a better person! -Bruce

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