Road Trips Are Measured By Moments…


Grab your keys, roll down the windows and crank up the dial. We going on a Roadtrip!!

I love Roadtrips. There is something addictive about taking a roadtrip. While this may not have been the purpose of our trip by any means – it was merely a visitation of family. The magnitude of the experience really only hit me in retrospect.

Of course, you can’t drive in complete silence – Well you can, but the very thought of that is nonsensical.😞 Music plays a very big part of any road trip. But, to truly fit the road trip motif, select tunes to make the trip go down smoothly.  A perfectly curated playlist can make or break your drive.  Make sure you include a good spread of music. Something for everyone. Be sure to include some classic sing-along. No one ever had a bad time listening to classics.

To me, food is the most important part of any roadtrip.  Snacks is altogether a truly essential ingredient for any road trip recipe. First up, make sure that you over cater😉 *Shreks voice* It’s better to have more than less, I  always say. Savoury to start and something sweet for an afternoon pick me up.

Although the region is surrounded by dry arid land.  The simple act of moving through the sun-drenched loveliness, the gentle swaying cosmos and effervescent  blue skies puts space between you and the mundanity of life.  They add perspective taking you far away from your daily routine.

Driving slowly and not having to rush becomes your trip. Time spent with close family, the constant laughter, the jokes, the beauty of wildflowers, the quick stops at Ultra stores, and the anticipation of good coffee….memories created to last a lifetime.

I hold up to owning many misconceptions on this trip.  I did far less pre-trip reading than anticipated.  It seemed impossible. However, time had contracted.  Instead of measuring the day, I had counted the moments.  I had collected hundreds of moments.  Moments of learning. Moments of beauty, and Moments of friendship.

Scrolling through my many many photographs, an ocean of gratitude spills through my veins.  It amazes me how photographs *brief frozen segments of time* evokes and conveys so many emotions, feelings and memories. You look at your photos and get the biggest smile on your face.  All the build-up has definately led to one of the best roadtrips of my life.

Since I left Bloemfontein, I took on the mantle of a fangirl. I gush about it to every willing ear.😉



2 thoughts on “Road Trips Are Measured By Moments…

  1. I really want to take a road trip, but it’s hard to find a group of people who are off at the same time. Maybe I should try going by myself, but I’ve never traveled alone They have such a nostalgic feel to them. Ah! btw I am nominating you for the mystery blogger award.

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