A dental chair can combine the *sum of all fears* the drilling, the needles,the gloves, the doctor, the reclining chair, confined spaces and loud noises.

I’ve seen their needles, drills and other instruments too.  I hate NEEDLES!!!! They hurt like hell!  It’s  the thought of injections that I can’t tolerate, to the point where I would avoid  them even when they are absolutely necessary (needle phobia)😢

The dreaded drill makes me anxious too. Have you seen it? Its the ultimate weapon of destruction. That unmistakable, high pitched ominous whirring sound.  It is definately not a pleasant one.

I have been to the dentist on numerous occasions, to get my braces tightened or for a routine checkup  BUT never ever for a filling or polishing my teeth. I am  a Pro-dentite.  I love my dentist. But I have a deep fear of NEEDLES and DRILLS.  Just thinking about it makes me anxious.

This is my story😉

The waiting room was still and quiet except for the hypnotic tic of an antique clock hanging on the white- washed wall.  A cluster of magazines lie on the glass coffee table. My dad reaches out and takes a magazine and starts to read. I smile as I take a few pics. (of my dad of course😉) A little way forward from where I stand is a desk.  A smiling receptionist sits there.

Occassionally, I hear a muffled thud, or yell. Suddenly, my eyes diverted to the large wooden door as the silver handle turned…The slowly built-up anxiety had suddenly shot up, uncontrollably. I was scared.  But I could not block out the dreaded words I hear next, “Junaisha, Doctor Govender will see you,  now.”

As I walk into the pristine *dungeon of doom* I push open the door and enter reluctantly.  I immediately sit on the vinyl reclining chair. The overall feeling was unexplainable. The atmosphere gave a chilling vibe.  My senses were on high-alert. The built-up energy put me on edge. I was zapped! Literally!  A strong smell of  latex gloves and mouth-wash hung in the air.

My dentist was a short woman, with long black hair and perfect white teeth.  In fact, too perfect.  In my mind I see an ideal advertisement for her Surgery.

“Is it going to hurt?  My friendly dentist smiles at me and tells me to lay back and relax.  She assures me that there will be no pain once the tooth is numbed properly – only vibration and light pressure. I somehow start to relax.

She slowly injects my gums three times, while talking and taking me through my fears but it was nothing compared to the toothache. Soon, miraculously all pain disappeared. The anaesthetic worked very quickly. As I closed my eyes I heard the ominous handdrill get closer and louder as it approached my mouth. I clinched my eyes as she begins to drill and drill and drill.

The latex gloves in my mouth tasted very disgusting and smelled like stale flavored bubblegum. *Urgh*  The cool hand metal of the examination probe and the clink clink it makes as it sometimes collide with your teeth. The ordeal completely drains you even if you are not in pain. Within an hour she was done with the fillings and also polishing.

However, the numbness lasted for three(3)hours.  I was afraid to eat or drink anything because of my tikk(thick)tongue at the side of my mouth, which managed to stay out of the vay(Sorry, I mean way)😀

Although it all sounded scary, time actually goes faster than you think. The atmosphere and the scary effects just add more suspense to it😉







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