Hold My Hand Dad…I Will Follow In Your Steps

Since the beginning of time, it’s been referenced in movies, TV shows and also classic songs.  ” You will always be daddy’s girl.”  This overly used, stereotypical cliché is often meant to tugs at our heartstrings and leave us in tears. *Cue the waterworks*

Great fathers are a breed that deserve recognition.

I never quite understood the bond between a father and daughter. When I was nine (9) years old, my dad was involved in a life changing incident. This traumatic incident turned my world upside- down. My perspective on life changed too. I still get teary eye just thinking about that atrocious day.

There are no simple clichés that can erase the unimaginable pain your family feels. At that moment, your mind is filled with all kinds of questions and a gamut of emotions. Why did God let this happen? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why is there so much pain in this world?

However, life has its challenges and difficulties, but when you walk with God, He is with you through it all. When you put your trust in God, there is no space for a WHY in a sentence. Sometimes bad things happen in the world, but there will always be good things in the world, too.

Like many daughters, I have a special relationship with my dad. In fact, I connect with him on many levels that other people don’t get. You could say *Like father like daughter*  We find similar things funny. We enjoy similar movies. Our food choices are even similar. We both love reading (though not always the same things) but have a great passion for the written word.

My dad is an incredible father and I love him dearly. Pure unconditional love.  But, we do have our differences in opinions. Unfortunately, my views on any subject stray quite a bit from the social norm, I guess I sometimes think more consciously.

However, he has taught me to have an opinion ~ a substantiated opinion which I should be able to argue for fervently. He taught me that strength of mind and character is equally important and that I could do anything I set my mind on, to work hard:that hard work has its own reward. He also taught me the true value of determination and love. The art of ending a conversation with a joke even if it was a combative one.

For every scrumptious omelet or mouthwatering burger he would proudly present. I am eternally grateful for. His meals are always hearty and body- warming. Commendably, I am lucky to have a dad who cooks as well as my mom.

My dad has the most incredible soul which is clearly reflected in his character.  A simple man with simple dreams.  I am perpetually grateful for every sacrifice he makes while raising my brother and I. His love for his family and the Lord knows no bounds.

I am still a work-in-progress ~ the good traits in me ~ I owe to my dad.😉

Thank you, DAD



11 thoughts on “Hold My Hand Dad…I Will Follow In Your Steps

  1. Same happened with me.
    When i was 19 years old i lost my dad. That heart breaking pain and trauma i suffered alot. When my friends talking to their dad at that i starting missing him. If god ask me what you want in your life.I’ll ask him to return my dad to me. 😦

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  2. What beautiful testimony of your relationship with your dad! I am glad to say that by God’s grace, my wife and I have a good relationships with our 2 daughters and 3 sons (now adults) and recently 2 grandchildren. Whenever we get together, there is usually a good serving of joking and laughter served up. I have knack for bad jokes – but they all put up with me. I will forward your blog to my daughters.

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