Weddings, Family and Everything Gala

What is it about weddings that I love so much?  Well, in the interest of celebration, optimism and love, allow me to wax poetical on my take on Indian weddings…

Recently, I had the privilege  of attending my cousin’s extraordinary wedding. When you hear the word wedding what immediately comes to mind… Prince charming and his fairy tale Princess vowing to love each other, dancing the night away, and finally stepping into their coach on their way to living happily ever after? (Actually, that’s my day-dream so perhaps you wouldn’t mind finding one of your own.)

A wedding is a union of two beautiful souls that are filled with love and who inextricably becomes intertwined. It also celebrates the union of their families too. It is a beautiful event, which is brimming with blessings, joy and happiness and fun like no other.

Mystics have tried to capture it’s essence. Poets have attempted to explain it. But, Alas…Love is somewhat elusive. However, the bride and bridegroom seemed to have captured it, mastered it, achieved it and nailed it down. They are the ultimate representatives of love.

Yes, Indian Weddings are full of pomp, show, colour and everything gala. It is celebrated with great fervor and is no silent affair. The love you feel from family and friends is truly awe-inspiring. It is a momentous occasion, that will be remembered, re-visited and re-lived.

You ignore. You avoid. You even run away. But you cannot escape that one  *aunty.*  Yes, you know, which one I’m talking about.😉 She patiently awaits you with her full set of questions.*awkward* Beware, because she is always on the lookout for innocent, polite, independent single girls to feed her empty soul.

HELLO – My name is MS Know-It-All (aka) *matchmaker*  They will spot you from a distance and ask all uncomfortable  questions – “Do you remember me?”, “Why you put on so much weight?” Or the most dreaded question “When are you getting married?”

They will scrutinise every single girl of marriageable age with great detail. She will get the scoop on you. These actions obviously seem annoying thus causing us to avoid these aunties like a plague.

The best way to circumvent the matchmaking situation is to ignore their advances and play it cool. Simply hear them out, smile graciously,  understanding that ultimately they mean well.

And then there are these few uncles who think they are in a dance competition and show some killer moves, literally killing us all.  That is just not it…wait..Every wedding has that *one* uncle who is  dead drunk, and  dances unapologetically to all songs.  His moves always goes down in history.  He is the ultimate party starter and great entertainment, too.

OH, YES then there is that annoying wedding videographer  who captures the most uncomfortable  of all situations. Imagine scarfing down food quickly and suddenly light flashes on your face. Would you keep on eating anyway or  rather wait for him to go to the other table?  I know I would😲 *embarrassing.*

Ha-ha… “But first, Let Me take a  ….”  Yes , That’s me, me and me. It’s not a wedding if there are no bridefies, selfies, groupfies or lovefies. *obviously*  Kim kardashion does it. The Pope does it. Ellen took one at the Oscars. Songs have been recorded about them. You probably have done it too.

And yes, with good hair and epic backdrops, weddings seem like the ideal situation in which to snap one while we are all documenting the really good times.

Usually  when you’re caught taking a selfie, it’s a bit embarrassing. (ahem, I definately  wouldn’t know😉




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