I like big books and I cannot lie…


AH!  So many books!!!  I want this one…and Ooh this is so good too, and look… there is that book by my favorite author….Wait, here’s another one too.

Anecdotally, I know many people who are bibliomaniacs, including myself.  The word ‘bibliophile ‘ means a lover of books. A more precise interpretation  ‘bibliophile ‘ means someone who loves books – how they feel, smell and look. Of course, bibliophiles love collecting,*hoarding* books. Oh, come on, we all do it!

I have been a voracious reader all my life.  I don’t ever remember not loving books.  Reading broadens my knowledge.  When it comes to reading my tastes vary on my mood.  My Preferences generally lay on contemporary and fiction – although- I pretty much prefer reading fantasy. *sigh*

What I love about reading is that within moments I can be transported to a hundred years back to future unknown, to a world of automatons, gargoyles, fairies, into magical lands and beautiful dresses.  I can escape danger and work on magical spells and potions taught by essentric wizard’s. There is so much possibilities …

It also helps me develop my vocabulary, so even if my trustworthy friend, Mr Thesaurus, isn’t nearby, I can still guess the definition of a unfamiliar word.

One of the biggest challenges with reading books is that some of the authors you love so deeply, take their sweet time writing.  Some even 10 years.  *It isn’t fair*  I mean not that I’m complaining, its way worth the wait.  In fact I owe my very existence to some of these famous writers,  J K Rowling, Danielle Steel, C. S.Lewis, Nora Roberts, J R.R Tolkien  and many others.

Shout out to all the book nerds out there, ‘Pat yourself on the back, book nerds, let’s commiserate.’  Being a book nerd has some perks. In fact no one reads a book as fast as you can or *knows* exactly when the new books are being shelved. Sometimes you hope no one ever finds out that you NEVER really read that book.  You know the one  I mean.* that book*  “Good, but not perfect”, that you will one day finish. I feel you, booknerds. I have one too.

Love it or hate it, you a have definite OPINION on books. (No judgement.  In fact, Solidarity ) In my ‘tween years’ as people call them,  I do confess to reading comics. Its was kind of my guilty pleasure. (shh!) In my defense,*sob*it was just a phase I was going through.

Although, somewhat great novels are hidden behind crappy covers. I swear I have the uncanny ability that resides deep within my soul to spot an incredible book based on its cover. Its not really judging a book by its cover if you judge it by the impressively shiny seals adorning its cover.

Maybe I  can even spot the next award winner. Ok, so maybe that’s a bit judgemental…but truly, maybe its a gift bestowed from God, or maybe a curse in disguise.;)




8 thoughts on “I like big books and I cannot lie…

  1. I love reading, always have done. For Christmas my parents always made sure Santa brought me books. I was just at the Goodwill store buying some books to take on holidays, 8 days in Mexico means 5 books, only 5 because I know there is a little book exchange shelf in the lobby of the condo.

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