So you think you can drive?



As I slide out of the car I slowly shut the door.  I could only hope that the person with whom I take my test with, is not too strict.

With that thought running through my head, my brain was on overdrive and my instincts tingling.  All the wheels were turning as fast as they possibly could.

I tried to zone out all the negative  stories I heard by telling myself, “I can do this.  I just drove through town on a practice run and I did perfectly  fine.”

Of course, the fear of failure kept popping in my head and I couldn’t get rid of it.  All I could picture was my mean instructor with thick, dark slanted eyebrows and critical eyes staring at me.  I could even hear his mocking evil laugh as he failed me.

Peeking around I prayed that all the evil instructors  would be out on duty.  Lucky me, *shrug* I was given an instructor  whom I had heard many terrifying stories about.  With that thought and thoughts of me hopelessly failing , I did not know what to do.  I closed my eyes and prayed. Well, I failed at that too miserably.

I tried to make myself comfortable as I sat on the benches provided. It was as though I was sitting on an electric chair doomed for failure. I was terribly  nervous. *Argh*  My body was on high alert.  My heart was pounding loudly.  My forehead beading.  And…..a general desire to be dead.

I awaited in anticipation for my turn to arrive, when it finally came  I felt as if I would pass out.  Hoping this feeling would pass, I closed my eyes and prayed.   This time my prayer was fervent and came from the heart.  I finally gained my composure and felt confident as I was so ready to get my driving test done and dusted.

Of course, there were obstacles. When I went to do my paperwork, they could not find my form *talk about bad timing*  I had to redo my eye test and fill out new forms.  With five minutes to spare, the instructor  and I started towards the car.  I  had no time to feel sorry for myself, I bravely started with my exterior  and interior inspection. (K53)  I then did my three point turn, alley docking, parallel  parking and finally the incline.   I NAILED IT.🙌

Ironically, a few good words of wisdom from my dad, built my courage. With nerves trembling, and victory so close. I remained calm and composed myself.  I drove slowly and cautiously, within the speed limit (of course).  I couldn’t help but glance at my instructor though, and by his facial expression I knew that he was impressed.  Victory was the order of the day…I had passed. *Hooray* Thank you, Lord.🙏

Pure fringe-on-all cylinders and  extra superpowers, courtesy of Mr Adrenaline and combination of Madam Cortisol is a killer feeling.

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your potential….These are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.



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