It’s easy to be brave, when the sun’s shining and you’re not alone.  But it’s hard to be brave when the bedroom lights out, and there’s something over there, in the corner of the room.  But it’s only your gumboots,  upside down where you put them when you came in out of the rain – or  could it be two things?  With snouts, which are pointing at you, quivering?  You keep very,  very still: stare through the half-dark, scared to keep looking, but even more scared to close your eyes, in case…….

Is there a single child out there who hasn’t lain taut shivering and sweating because of such bedtime fears? Snakes at the foot of the bed, spiders on the wall, monsters in the closet, a wolf under the bed,  a witch behind the curtain, zombies ouside your window?  If fears becomes too overwhelming you may as well, yell in anguished terror, and hopefully a parent will hasten to answer the call and smooth away your fears.

Most of us can look back and recall repeated bedtime terrors which we suffered quietly and in secret (very bravely, in fact),  our only shelter from the imagined, but all -too -real menace being a heart- hammering dive beneath the sheet. Your heart palpitating, forcing  ripples of its throbbing blood directly to your temples.  You become disconsolated with utter hopelessness as your teeth chatters in absolute fear.  Yeah,  I know… right, it’s hard to believe I was once a scaredy-cat.😹 Yeah,  I’m so over that.🙌

Even the most balanced child may suffer from extraordinary fears, some which give no justification.  We all have fears, even when we’ve grown up – little fears and big ones.  I’m still trying to master a long term fear of  *spiders*  But thank heavens my mum didn’t mind spiders in the least, so we all go to sleep quite happily, even if a spider is wandering over the bedroom wall.

To fear is a quintessential  human emotion.  Our lives are profoundly shaped by them as well as our effort to avoid them.  To conquer our fears is to see past them.   You can only move forward if  you allow yourself to move beyond what  you believe and venture into a new realm of possibility.

You can’t get rid of  your fears….But you an learn to live with them.





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